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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ricky Hatton v Manny Pacquiao deal closes in

Ricky Hatton’s legal team aimed to have a deal to fight Manny Pacquiao, the world’s No 1 pound-for-pound boxer, finalised by midnight tonight, according to the Mancunian’s lawyer Gareth Williams.

Yet the indications are that the mega-fight, expected to be in Las Vegas on May 2 or May 9, has not been finalized, in spite of soundings from the US where Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum indicating that the fight has been made.

However, Team Hatton urged fans yesterday not to book flights or hotels for the May 2 date, which according to Williams, is pure speculation at present.

In spite of Floyd Matyweather Jnr having thrown his hat into the ring, Hatton still sees a bout with Pacquiao as the priority.

“Pacquiao is now regarded as pound-for-pound the best fighter in the world and that’s a fight that Ricky would like,” Ray Hatton said.

“I know all the fans would like to see it as well because you’ll get the excitement.”

Williams added: “Every light welterweight in the world wants to fight Hatton. What we want to agree in principle is the percentage split of any fight money, be it with Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao.”

Source: telegraph.co.uk

Hatton will fight Pacquiao in £40m Las Vegas battle

Ricky Hatton is set to take on Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas on May 2, according to the Filipino boxer's promoter Bob Arum.

The news will disappoint thousands of Hatton fans who will not be able to afford the cross-Atlantic trip.

The clash is now likely to happen either at the Thomas & Mack Center in front of 19,000 fans or the MGM Grand Garden Arena, which has a capacity of 15,000.

Hatton and Pacquiao can expect to earn at least £20million each.

Ricky Hatton has hinted he will go on boxing beyond 2009, despite announcing his retirement.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

Pacquiao to get same pot if Hatton fight pushes through

MANILA, Philippines – Manny Pacquiao stands to receive the same amount of purse he collected in his fight with Oscar De La Hoya when he faces Ricky Hatton next middle of 2009.

One of Pacquiao’s ring advisers, Rex `Wakee’ Salud, said that should be the case since the Filipino ring icon is now considered as boxing’s top attraction, aside from being universally recognized as the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world today.

The General Santos City native reportedly earned a cool $6 million purse when he took on the 35-year old Dela Hoya last month, the biggest in his 13-year career. The amount is expected to reach the vicinity of $10 to $20 million counting his share in the Pay-Per-View buys which reached 1.25 million households.

“Dapat same purse din ang makukuha niya tulad nung De La Hoya fight (He should get the same purse when he fought De La Hoya)," said Salud, also a well-known Cebu City matchmaker, calling from the Queen City of the South.

Pacquiao must now also have the bigger cut in the PPV split, unlike when he settled for a 32-68 sharing in the De La Hoya bout.

“Manny should now be the one in command given his status after beating Oscar De La Hoya," Salud added.

And will the Hatton group be amenable? Salud said they should be.

“Manny is the attraction here, they should know. Besides, it’s a big payday for Ricky," he said.

Negotiations with the Hatton camp on a possible May 2 showdown in Las Vegas, Nevada between two of boxing’s biggest punchers today are still ongoing, although Salud is confident the showdown is as good as done.

“Tuloy na yan (It's already a done deal)," he said, adding Pacquiao already had dinner with trainer Freddie Roach, lawyer Franklin Gacal and promoter Bob Arum of Top Rank in Los Angeles the other day to talk about the minor details still to be refined for the bout, set at the 140-pound limit, to finally push through.

Source: Source: gmanews.tv

Manny Pacquiao-Ricky Hatton On - Just The Venue To Be Decided

According to an article in today's Manchester Evening News - the local paper of Ricky Hatton - "The Hitman's" mega-fight with pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao is a done deal, and all that has still to be determined is the location and venue of the May fight. Ray Hatton, Ricky's father and manager, told the paper his son is still extremely hopeful the fight will take place in London, at Wembley. Pacquiao and his team want the fight to be staged in Las Vegas.

According to Hatton's father, Ricky has also changed his mind about wanting to have just two more fights in 2009, before calling it a day at the very top. Ricky, now that he has re-fallen in love with boxing, after at one time appearing to have grown somewhat stale, says he now sees himself boxing in 2010.

"He said to me that if he wins his next fight, he will be looking at another year," Ray Hatton said. "A lot depends on your performances and he's got that hunger back."

Indeed, the 30-year-old looked as good as ever in winning his debut under new trainer Floyd Mayweather Senior back on November 22nd - when he forced Paulie Malignaggi's corner to throw in the towel in the 11th round of their big fight. But when Ricky says he will fight on if he wins his next fight, the if grows in size when one considers just who he will be squaring off with next time out. Beating "Pac-Man" will be no easy task, and should Hatton lose, he may well change his mind yet again - especially if he loses badly.

Hatton's father spoke of how his son has not yet given up hopes of the summer bout being held in London.

"As far as we are concerned the fight is all but done," Ray said. "We are just fighting our corner in terms of the location. For the British fans we want to have it over here and we are trying to put together a package to show that we can financially equal or better what they can do over there. We are trying desperately, but we cannot afford to lose the fight. Manny Pacquiao is the hot ticket at the moment."

To this writer, the chances of Pacquiao Vs. Hatton taking place in the UK are slim, but Hatton is sure he will fight in front of a huge, 100,000 crowd at Wembley one day, wanting as he does to fulfil this ambition before he finally retires.

"He will definitely fight in England again," Ray added. "He said that even if he has to make an extra fight, he will fight over here again."

Hatton, who has an absolutely huge army of fans, loves nothing more than fighting on home soil in front of them. It seems there is a good chance he will not enjoy the experience against Manny Pacquiao, however.

Source: eastsideboxing.com

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pacman vs Hitman Name It!

Thousands have voted in our poll, the results are in and by a slight margin boxing fans selected Ricky Hatton over Floyd Mayweather Jr. as the opponent they want to see in the ring next with Manny Pacquiao .The margin was very slim as 49 percent of the voters selected Hatton and 44 percent selected Mayweather.

So now the fans have spoken and the promoters Golden Boy and Top Rank are working on the details to put together Pacquiao vs Hatton. I am sure working out the details of the fight is a challenge for them however the fun comes when they select the title for this fight. It goes without saying and at this point in the year it has been written countless times that Pacquiao has achieved greatness in 2008. He is the official pound for pound king of the ring and deserves all the accolades after his victories over Marquez, Diaz and De La Hoya.

On the other hand Hatton did not have the superstar year that Pacquiao had. However, he was able to record two victories in his two fights and regain the momentum he lost after the Mayweather defeat in December 2007. Hatton under the guidance of Floyd Mayweather Sr. was able to put together a dominating performance over Paulie Malignaggi which catapulted him into the Pacquiao sweepstakes. So here we are with the books for 2008 about to close and new chapters about to be opened in 2009, with what maybe the most memorable boxing event in history about to be announced.

Ricky Hatton (above) in the media room at the Pacquiao - De La Hoya “Dream Match”

In years past both Top Rank and Golden Boy Promotions have promoted great battles featuring the legends of the sport, each great fight also included a great title. As they think about the title for Pacquiao – Hatton here are some of their greatest event titles and battles from their past promotions to help spark their thought process:

1985 - “The Fight” - Hagler vs Hearns

1986 - “SuperFight” - Hagler vs. Leonard

1990 - “The Puncher and the Preacher” - Foreman vs. Cooney

1990 - “Once Is Not Enough” - Toney vs. McCallum

1991 - “Battle of the Ages” - Foreman vs. Holyfield

1993 - “Heavy Damage” - Foreman vs. Coetzer

1996 - “Ultimate Glory” - De La Hoya vs. Chavez

1997 - “Buster on Broadway” - Douglas vs. Ryan in NYC

Source: bleacherreport.com

Hatton retirement plans on hold

RICKY Hatton is ready to shelve his retirement plans and go on boxing beyond 2009.

The Hitman planned to have just two more fights in his glittering career - preferably against Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr - before stepping away from the ring.

But the IBO light welterweight champion has rediscovered his love for the sport and is prepared to go for another year at least.

Hatton's father and manager, Ray, said: "He said to me that if he wins his next fight, he will be looking at another year. A lot depends on your performances and he's got that hunger back."

Hatton is set to face Pacquiao, the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world, in May.

A deal for the fight is all but done, with just the location to be agreed.


Hatton is desperate to stage it at Wembley, but because of American broadcasting demands the Pacquiao camp are determined to fight in the US, with the MGM Grand or Thomas and Mack Centre in Las Vegas the preferred venues.

Hatton will not risk missing out on a bout that could eclipse his 2007 clash with Mayweather, but his camp remain hopeful they can persuade Pacquiao to come to England.

"As far as we are concerned the fight is all but done," said Ray. "We are just fighting our corner in terms of the location.

"For the British fans we want to have it over here and we are trying to put together a package to show that we can financially equal or better what they can do over there.

"We are trying desperately, but we cannot afford to lose the fight. Manny is the hot ticket at the moment."

Even if Hatton is unsuccessful in luring Pacquiao to England for a fight provisionally scheduled for May 2, he is determined to fight on home soil again before he retires.

The 30-year-old had an emotional homecoming at the City of Manchester Stadium in May in an unconvincing points victory against Juan Lazcano.

But he is determined to fulfil an ambition of fighting in front of 100,000 at Wembley.

"He will definitely fight in England again," said Ray. "He said that even if he has to make an extra fight, he will fight over here again."

Do you think Hatton would beat Pacquiao? Have your say.

Source: manchestereveningnews.co.uk

The Biggest Obstacle For Ricky Hatton: Manny Pacquiao's Southpaw Stance

Ricky Hatton and Manny Pacquaio are going to have one of the biggest fights in 2009. Many people have wondered how Hatton will deal with Manny's speed, but the bigger question is how will Hatton handle Manny's southpaw stance? To gain more insight in Hatton's ability to deal with southpaws, one must look at all the previous fights Hatton has had with southpaws in his professional boxing career.

According to Boxrec.com, Hatton has faced six southpaws in his professional career. All wins, however, four of the six went the distance, one was KO via a bodyshot, and the other was a second-round DQ.

Hatton's first two fights with a southpaw were against Mark Ramsey, who took him to a six-round decision win, at a time when Hatton was knocking out everyone he faced.

2002 was the year of the Southpaw for Ricky Hatton as he faced three southpaws in succession. His first fight was with southpaw Eamon Magee. To be fair, Magee had lost but never had been knocked out.

What's significant about this bout is that Magee had Hatton on the deck for the first time in his career. It was also the closest fight that Hatton had been in at that point in his career.

The next fight was DQ win against Stephen Smith that only went two rounds when his corner stepped on the apron in protest of an elbow thereby stopping the fight.

The third fight was a charm as Hatton fought Joe Hutchinson and put him down and out with a liver shot. It took four years for Hatton to face another southpaw.

In 2006, Hatton faced Luiz Collazo and eked out a controversial victory 115-112 on two cards and 114-113 on the third. The only thing that saved the victory was a flash knockdown in the first round. Collazo not only had the southpaw advantage, but he had the size, length, and a stylistic boxer advantage over the brawler Hatton.

Not including the welterweight Collazo, all the other southpaws that Hatton faced at the light welterweight division ranged between 5'7"-5'8", about the same height as 5'7" Hatton.

gin-top: 0px; margin-right: 0px; margin-bottom: 15px; margin-left: 0px;">In comparison, Pacquaio's is 5'6 1/2". Eamon Magee and Steven Smith had a significant reach advantage at 70" compared to Hatton's 65". Pacquiao's reach is 68".

Size wise most of these southpaw welterweights fought at welterweight, while the Stephen Smith's highest weight was at light welterweight and he started at junior lightweight.

Thus, Pacquaio lacks roughly 1" in height and 2" in reach to the southpaws that have given Hatton trouble. However, the difference is slight and what Pacquiao lacks in length, he more than makes up for in speed and power.

Ricky Hatton is 45-1 with 32 KO's. Against southpaws, Hatton has only a 1/6 KO%, roughly 17 percent KO percentage against southpaws. Against orthodox fighters, Hatton has a 31 KO's from 39 wins or a KO% of 78 percent.

History shows that Hatton has had trouble with southpaws. We shall see how he will adapt to the southpaw and how much Floyd Mayweather Sr. can help him with his troubles.

Source: bleacherreport.com

Hatton-Pacquiao Eyed For MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay

More details are coming out for the first mega-fight of 2009, Manny Pacquiao (48-3-2, 36 KOs) vs. Ricky Hatton (45-1, 32 KOs). There are two Las Vegas venues in the running to host the event, the MGM Grand and the Mandalay Bay. The May 2 bout will take place on HBO pay-per-view at the junior welterweight limit of 140-pounds. Arum [Top Rank head] told boxing scribe Dan Rafael that a few minor details are being worked on, but Pacquiao is on board and Richard Schaefer [CEO for Golden Boy] had revealed a few days ago that Hatton was also on board.

"I think we're there. We're just mopping up little details. My guy is on board. I think everybody is on board. I am very upbeat. But there are competing interests in Vegas. We can make a deal with different entities to have it at the Thomas & Mack Center or the MGM Grand. We will explore what the best deal is," Arum said.

Golden Boy Promotions and Top Rank expect to finalize the fight before the end of the year.

Source: boxingscene.com

Friday, December 26, 2008

Hatton eyes big send-off

Talks are continuing to arrange a huge clash with pound-for-pound king Pacquiao, although Mayweather Jr could come out of retirement for a rematch with the Mancunian.

Hatton would prefer to take on Filippino superstar Pacquiao next, before having another crack at Mayweather to avenge his only career defeat.

"I'd prefer to fight Manny Pacquiao, and that's not dodging Floyd, it's just that Pacquiao is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world," Hatton added.

"If I can beat Manny and become the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world then Floyd would be next."

Hatton would then think about hanging up his gloves if he could record two landmark victories in 2009.

"2009 could be my last year, you don't hang up the gloves when you are performing like I am, but if I beat Pacquiao and become the best pound-for-pound fighter, then get a rematch with Floyd and set the record straight, then I'd have to look at myself and where I am and what I'd like to do next."

Source: skysports.com

Hatton vs. Pacquiao: A Question of Excess and Overindulgence?

Barring any unexpected hitches, it seems that Ricky Hatton is the opponent that looms closest on the horizon for Manny Pacquiao.

This early, reports are coming in that Freddie Roach thinks Hatton – unlike Oscar De La Hoya – can indeed pull the trigger. Roach believes that while Hatton is beatable (as evidenced by his lone loss by knockout to Floyd Mayweather Jr. last year), he has a style that can give Pacquiao fits. The Englishman is a rough and tumble pressure fighter, and he only knows one direction – forward. He bulls and bores into his opponent, utilizing clinches and holds to tire him out. And then the man known as the Hitman softens his adversary with crippling body blows before he finishes him up. Hatton also has enough knockout power in his fists to finish the fight at any moment. Out of Hatton’s 45 wins, 32 fights did not last the distance.

If Pacquiao thinks that he can take Hatton lightly, he’d better think again. Sure, he destroyed Oscar De La Hoya, but Ricky Hatton may prove to be a tougher customer. Which is why Roach wants Pacquiao to fly to Hollywood early, and he expects the Filipino to put in the usual hard work at the Wild Card for at least eight weeks.

Right now it’s safe to say that Pacquiao is still enjoying the fruits of his labors. He still has several weeks to enjoy the good life before he buckles down to work.

With this (but I could be wrong, of course), expect alarm bells to sound on how Pacquiao might enjoy his respite too much and give in to indulgence and excess.

As they say, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. But if there’s any effect of the purported hard-living by Pacquiao between fights, it remains to be seen. Performance-wise, Pacquiao has yet to lose since his close defeat to Erik Morales in their first fight. And with his recent destruction of De La Hoya, Pacquiao showed his deadliest form to date. Perhaps Team Pacquiao has a point when they ask the media to give the Filipino a fair shake especially when reporting about the boxer’s extra-curricular activities.

Ironically, if there’s a fighter that is also reported to give in to indulgence and excess, it’s Hatton. Christened Ricky “Fatton” for his penchant to put on the pounds when he’s not training, Hatton is known to guzzle pints and pints of his favorite brew, Guinness beer. He also enjoys fatty food, and admits that his favorite pre-fight meal is a fry-up, a full English breakfast.

A full English breakfast comprises several fried foods that include bacon, eggs, sausages, black pudding, potatoes, and beans. A sumptuous feast indeed, but you’d be hard put to find any sports nutritionist who’d be willing to prescribe this diet to any athlete, let alone a boxer. Especially one who enjoys wolfing down a fry-up prior to what may be one of the biggest fights of his career.

Of course, Hatton’s choice of food and drink is nobody’s business as long as he can make the weight come weigh-in and he can put on a good show come fight night. And Hatton has won his last two fights since his loss to Mayweather Jr.

Will Hatton cut down the chow and booze if a Pacquiao fight pushes through?

Who knows? But if Hatton loses, he’d better not blame it on the fish and chips.

Source: 8countnews.com

Ricky Hatton: Manny Pacquiao Is the Best, I'd Rather Fight Him Than Floyd Mayweather

The most notable part of the story is that Hatton could see himself retiring after 2009, and that he'd rather fight Manny Pacquiao than get a rematch against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

"Obviously I'd like to fight Manny Pacquiao," Hatton said. "I'd prefer to fight him -- not for any fear of Floyd Mayweather, because I've mentioned many times I'd like another chance to put the record straight against Floyd. But Manny Pacquiao is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world today. If I could fight Manny Pacquiao and become the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world, then I'll be ready for Mr. Mayweather."

Source: fanhouse.com

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Manny Pacquiao-Ricky Hatton Analysis: It Will Be a Hell of a Fight

While Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao is enjoying the fruit of his hard labor in the Philippines with friends and family, talks are now looming that Ricky "Hitman" Hatton would likely end up as the next foe of the Filipino Pound-For-Pound king.

With the absence of Floyd Mayweather, recent report disclosed that sometime in early May next year, Pacman and Hatton will definitely square off. That means Hatton wish for a crack with the Filipino Superstar will be granted.

Pacquiao-Hatton will be a great fight because of the explosiveness of these two fighters in the ring. Hatton is known for his all-the-way boxing style. He loves to attack the body and throws lots of wild punches on his opponent. He is also a quick puncher and has good footwork. He is a brawler.

However, this type of style is an advantage for Pacquiao. Therefore, I conclude that Hattons fighting style is tailor made for the Pacman. We saw several fights of Hatton, where obviously he applied pressure on his opponent by hugging and leaning especially if he catches his opponent on the corner.

Hatton's punches sometimes comes from the outside and he has a rotten defense on his armor. If the Hitman's style will not change come fight night, then I foresee another stoppage in the early or late rounds.

Pacquiao is now a complete fighter, with different fighting style every time he climbs up the ring. He continues to improve his speed and power and his stamina is doesn't fade despite unleashing several combinations in the early rounds. He is a machine with good defensive skills.

Pacquiao will withstand the power of Hatton, because the Pacman has already proved his tough chin against bigger opponents such as David Diaz, and recent victim Oscar dela Hoya. Lateral movements will bother Hatton where he will lose his patience in the late rounds for failing to connect damaging blows against the pound-for-pound king.

We saw this when he faced Mayweather, he became careless in the late rounds after he was not able to subdue the Pretty Boy in the earlier rounds.

Against his fight with Malignaggi, Hatton failed to finish his opponent despite connecting clear punches. Malignaggi quits in the 11th round, not because he was battered heavily by Hatton, but it's because he refused to use both his hands and relied more on his jab, which irked his coach and prompted the stoppage. Malignaggi was fighting one handed against a two handed opponent, but despite of that the Magic Man did not go down.

Now, Pacquiao loves to use the four square jungle, and has an accurate and powerful shot. He shoots like an expert dart master, connecting bull’s eye. Hatton style will definitely fit the pound-for-pound king and I’ll tell you come fight night it will be a hell of a fight, but there’s a saying that "Heaven will prevail over Hell." You get me?

Source: bleacherreport.com

Freddie Roach Is Cautious With Ricky Hatton, Warns of a War

ust recently, we witnessed one of the greatest all-time fighters being taught a lesson by a new pound for pound king. Oscar was mercifully beaten by Manny and had nothing to offer in return in the ring.

Nobody thought that this was the way the fight would go. Sure, there were people who believed that Pacman would win this fight, but I don’t believe that people could have predicted what went down that night.

Now, after such a great performance, there are multiple options open for Manny. Out of all those great fighters he could face, Hatton seems to be the clear choice. The deal is almost done, the fans have been notified, and the media is ready with their cameras and microphones.

So what does this fight mean? What kind of performance can you expect from Pacman? Will he do to Hatton what he was able to do to Oscar?

Freddie Roach says no! In a recent interview, Freddie stated that Hatton is a very dangerous fighter. He said that he was very confident in the Oscar fight, but not as confident in the Hatton fight. He warned that Hatton will “dish out a better performance than Oscar.”

“Pacquiao needs to train for at least eight weeks at his Wild Card Gym in Hollywood to be in top shape for Hatton, who is also a slugger and puncher,” he said. Roach also mentions that Hatton is a “tremendous body puncher.”

Freddie must know what he is talking about. I have heard him say nice things about other fighters, but never something of this proportion. I think that now that he's gotten Manny to the very top of the game, he is much more cautious about the fighters he does not know. Underestimating a fighter like Ricky can be very fatal to someone’s gameplan.

In my personal opinion, I think that Hatton can win this fight. He is a very active fighter with great stamina. He will trade with Manny, and I’m not so sure that Manny would win that trade-off. Hatton has energy and power to back Manny off. It’s a very dangerous fight for both fighters, and I think that one has as much to gain as the other to lose.

Source: bleacherreport.com

Ricky "HitManny" Hatton Or Manny "Ricky Is Hatdone" Pacquiao

After watching Hatton’s beating of the run-and-gun powder-puff puncher Paulie Malignaggi, and Pacquiao total dismantling of a dried out and old Golden Boy, one can only hope that the Pacquiao-Hatton fight will be a more exciting contest.

Much like the boxing rivalries of the past—Ward-Gatti, Vasquez-Marquez and Barrera-Morales—this fight could very well be boxing’s next great rivalry.

Or, it could fail to meet the expectations of this reporter.

There is no question that both fighters have the punching power, the firepower, the staying power and the will power to win this fight.

In my opinion, however, what is questionable and what just may decide the outcome of this fight is which fighter has “more tread left on their road-worn tires.”

It’s a fact that a fighter’s body only has so many miles on it. So, whose body will go flat first and whose will have enough left to endure?

Although Hatton has a tendency to balloon up between fights—while feeding on bangers and mash and chasing it down with several Black and Tans—both men will come out from camp well conditioned and into the fight very focused.

Despite their combined record of 94 wins, four losses, and two draws with 69 knockouts, each fighter has had tough fights over the past four years. Perhaps the wars that Manny has fought—against a much-higher caliber of fighter—have taken its toll in ways he is not aware of.

Or, perhaps Hatton’s lack of experience against truly world-class fighters and the affects of losing his invincibility by being knocked out by Mayweather will prove problematic for Hatton—especially when he gets whacked by Pacquiao’s thunderous combinations.

Let’s face it, Malignaggi’s boxing style and lack of punching power was neither a test of Hatton’s durability nor his ability to still take a hard punch and recover quickly to go on. No offense Paulie, but you’re no Mayweather.

Additionally, Ricky Hatton has never faced a fighting machine like Manny Pacquiao—but Manny has faced rougher, tougher opponents than has Hatton.

The other questions that need to be answered are: How will each fighter react when they get hit by that hard come-from-nowhere punch and then the next I-didn’t-see-it coming punch? How will each react to the cumulative effects of all those body and head shots that will be thrown by both fighters? Will one choose to become the boxer and counterpuncher and abandon standard fighting methodology?

After watching Hatton’s beating of the run-and-gun powder-puff puncher Paulie Malignaggi, and Pacquiao total dismantling of a dried out and old Golden Boy, one can only hope that the Pacquiao-Hatton fight will be a more exciting contest...
Ricky "HitManny" Hatton Or Manny "Ricky Is Hatdone" Pacquiao

by Barry Eisenman (Contributor)

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December 23, 2008
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I don’t see this as being much of a fight for this reason—Pacquiao’s speed and power will be too much for Hatton’s porous defense. Hatton’s defense is his offense—and if Pacquiao can neutralize it then Hatton will be in trouble early.

While Hatton may possess the power to beat Pacquiao, I am not convinced that he can sustain Manny’s pace and arsenal for more than six to eight rounds. After all, Hatton is easy to hit because he only goes in one direction—straight ahead with his head unprotected and he cannot fight backing up. He’s a perfect set up for Pacquiao’s style of straight left hands, right jabs and hooks.

What can Hatton do? Without question, he needs to be in the best shape of his life. He needs to get to Manny’s body—early and often—zapping his energy so that if the fight goes into the later rounds it will be more evenly matched.

His purpose would be better served by training in the US and hiring the fastest southpaw sparring partners around—even if that means bringing Hector Camacho and Pernell Whitaker out of mothballs. But even with that, Ricky’s corner better bring lots of adrenalin and Vaseline because he’s going to get hit a lot and will eventually get cut up.

Last, he needs to stay off the ropes and keep the fight in the center of the ring.

The keys for Pacquiao: He has Freddie Roach as his trainer and his strategic architect. And, he has the skills, tools and ability to adapt and adjust to various fighting styles. However, he needs to be very careful in close quarters and watch out for Hatton’s head and elbows that could easily open up that scar tissue over his right eye.

Finally, he needs to dictate the pace, attack Hatton’s body and bust him up with that straight left hand and right hooks to the head.

My prediction: A good give and take action-packed fight for about five rounds with Hatton getting TKO’d somewhere between rounds six and eight.

Source: bleacherreport.com

Pacquiao off to LA with upcoming Hatton fight on mind

MANILA, Philippines - Although he plans to spend spend the holidays with his family in Los Angeles, Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao’s has also set his sights on his much-awaited match against reigning junior welterweight champion Ricky Hatton.

Earlier reports indicate that Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum of Top Rank Inc. has already met with Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaeffer, Hatton’s promoter, to discuss minor details of the 2009 fight.

Pacquiao, however, kept mum about the details.

“Wala pa. Wala naman pa kaming usapan about that so siguro hintayin na lang natin (There’s no final talks of the fight. Let us just wait for further developments)," Pacquiao said when he was interviewed during Monday night’s victory party hosted by Deputy National Security Adviser Chavit Singson.

The celebration was attended by ambassadors from Italy, France, Turkey, and Great Britain as they partied with Sen. Gregorio Honasan and movie stars Rufa Mae Quinto, Jasmine Villegas, and Diana Zubiri, and singer Rico J. Puno.

Schaefer, in an earlier report said, that Hatton’s father is hoping they could finalize details of the fight before year’s end.

The Pacquiao-Hatton fight is being planned on May 2 with Las Vegas as one of the venues being considered.

If Pacquiao takes on Hatton, the catch weight will be at junior welterweight (140 lbs), Hatton's domain. Pacquiao fought at 132 lbs last April, 135 in June and 147 earlier this month when he blasted Oscar de la Hoya.

Pacquiao is currently the world lightweight (135lb) champion, while Hatton is the reigning 140lb world champion.

Pacquiao left for Los Angeles Tuesday night with his sons and daughter to join wife Jinky where they would spend Christmas and New Year there.

Jinky is also expected to give birth next month to a baby girl they would name Queen Elizabeth.

Source: gmanews.tv

Pacquiao’s speed perfect foil vs Hatton

MANILA, Philippines—Speed kills, and Ricky Hatton must prevent a lightning-quick Manny Pacquiao from going forward continually if he wants to thwart the Filipino superstar in their much-anticipated Las Vegas bout in May.

A report penned by noted boxing analyst Andrew Seidman in www.ringsidereport.com said the British “Hitman” cannot beat Pacquiao by going circles and waiting to unload power shots when the latter attacks.

“One of the most important things Hatton will need to do is learn how to cut off the ring,” Seidman wrote.

“You might think that, maybe, Ricky can go circle and wait for Pacquiao to go on the attack. That’s out of the question. There are just few cases where you should let a fighter with faster hands, especially one with power, come forward consistently. Hatton must make Pacquiao go backwards.”

Pacquiao, Seidman noted, has improved his power punches and every aspect of his fighting skills. Once Pacquiao gets confident that he is the better fighter, Hatton will be in trouble, he added.

Apart from a slight edge in reach, Seidman said, the Filipino WBC lightweight king is “more calculated in his attacks, has quick feet and even quicker hands.”

Although Pacquiao’s promoter Top Rank head honcho Bob Arum and Hatton’s team have not agreed terms, boxing insiders said the fight between two of the world’s most popular fighters is already a “done deal.”

Seidman also said Hatton—who lost his biggest fight yet against Floyd Mayweather Jr. last year—should also put aside his eagerness to brawl using his left hook.

“Pacquiao is trigger happy,” Seidman wrote. “He will go for the kill. In any case, a confident Pacquiao who is willing to exchange in the middle of the ring pretty much means that Hatton is in trouble.”

After watching how good Pacquiao looked against Oscar De La Hoya in their fight last Dec. 6, Hatton “will need a trainer well schooled on the science of boxing.”

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Pacquiao-Hatton Match a 'Done Deal'

Ricky Hatton of England will most likely face Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines in a boxing match that is destined to become one of the most popular boxing event of 2009.

The much talked-about Pacquiao-Hatton match “has been virtually green lighted” according to Richard Schaefer, CEO of Golden Boy Promotions, a company owned by Oscar de la Hoya that handles the promotional fights of Ricky Hatton.

“My guy is on board” said Bob Arum of Top Rank who is promoting the Pacquiao fights. I think Ricky is on board and I am very upbeat”, Steve Kim of Seconds Out.com said the match is a “done deal”

The fight will most likely take place at the Thomas and Mack Center of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on May 2, 2009 according to a report by the Philippine Daily Inquirer. But nothing has been finalized on the venue.

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Hatton buildup for Pacman starts Feb. 1

MANILA, Philippines—British brawler Ricky Hatton will put in close to 13 weeks of training for his May 2 showdown with Filipino superstar Manny Pacquiao at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas’ Thomas and Mack Center.

In an interview with www.boxingscene.com, Hatton said he will start working out with trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. on Feb. 1.

With the fight against Hatton close to being finalized, meanwhile, Pacquiao is reaping accolades following another banner year that was highlighted by a stunning eighth-round technical knockout victory over Oscar De La Hoya on Dec. 6.

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Pacquiao should get bigger share of purse

Superstar Manny Pacquiao should get the lion’s share of the purse if his fight with Ricky Hatton pushes through as planned on May 2 in Las Vegas.

Pacquiao, the pound-for-pound king, is the sport’s biggest attraction and previous doubts have been erased by his big win over Oscar dela Hoya last Dec. 6.

For that fight, Pacquiao agreed to a 32 percent share of the total purse with 68 percent going to Dela Hoya, the former undisputed king of pay-per-view.

But Pacquiao, with an unbelievable eighth-round stoppage of Dela Hoya, has assumed the role as boxing’s most exciting, most bankable star today.

Boxing commentator Larry Merchant made it official through his post-fight delivery at the MGM.

“The king is dead — at least the king of box office in boxing,” he said referring to Dela Hoya who took the most terrible beating of his career from Pacquiao.

“And the new king is here,” Merchant said of the Filipino icon.

Wakee Salud, the Cebu-based matchmaker and one of Pacquiao’s ring advisers, said if it’s Hatton, then Pacquiao should get 65 percent of the purse.

“Manny getting 65 percent and Hatton getting 35 percent is the ideal split. Hindi puwede parehas (It can’t be an even split),” he said yesterday from Cebu.

“Si Manny na ang malaki dapat (Manny should get the biggest slice),” added Salud, assuring Pacquiao of another multi-million-dollar outing by May.

The fight against Hatton, the British slugger and ruler of the 140-pound division, is close to being finalized, according to Top Rank’s Bob Arum.

Source: philstar.com

Friday, December 19, 2008

Details of Hatton-Pacquiao fight close to finalization

It's just a matter of time until a Ricky Hatton-Manny Pacquiao megafight is finalized.

"I think we're there. We're just mopping up little details," Top Rank's Bob Arum, Pacquiao's promoter, told ESPN.com by phone Friday. "My guy is on board. I think everybody is on board. I am very upbeat."

Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer, the promoter of Hatton, echoed Arum's sentiments, saying, "The conversations are coming along nicely. I talked to Ray Hatton [Ricky's father] and my hope is that we can finalize everything before the end of the year. I feel pretty good about it."

If the bout is finalized, it will take place May 2 on pay-per-view, Schaefer and Arum said. They said the bout likely would take place in Las Vegas, neutral territory roughly halfway between Hatton's home country of England and Pacquiao's native Philippines.

"But there are competing interests in Vegas," Arum said. "We can make a deal with different entities to have it at the Thomas & Mack Center or the MGM Grand. We will explore what the best deal is."

Hatton (45-1, 32 KOs), the junior welterweight world champion, would defend his 140-pound title against Pacquiao, the pound-for-pound king who on Dec. 6 dominated Oscar De La Hoya en route to an eighth-round TKO in a welterweight fight at the MGM Grand.

Pacquiao (48-3-2, 36 KOs), who holds a lightweight belt, jumped up two weight divisions to meet De La Hoya, but will drop down one division to challenge Hatton, who defended his title with an 11th-round TKO of Paulie Malignaggi on Nov. 22, also at the MGM.

The fight would be just the latest collaboration between Golden Boy and Top Rank after they settled a variety of lawsuits against each other, including one over Pacquiao's promotional rights.

Schaefer said the goal of both companies is just to make the biggest and best fights possible.

"Bob and I had a very nice meeting before the press conference [two weeks ago] to announce the Antonio Margarito-Shane Mosley fight and we laid out some plans for next year," Schaefer said. "Bob wants to put together the biggest fights and I want to do the same. We both want to do events, big events, which really capture the imagination of sports fans. Hatton-Pacquiao would certainly do that. They are two of the most popular fighters in the world and also two of the very best."

source: ESPN

Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton moving closer to the ring

Ricky Hatton's promoter, Richard Schaefer, said today that "it looks like we'll have something wrapped up by the end of the year" to stage a Hatton-Manny Pacquiao fight May 2, likely in Las Vegas (possibly at the MGM Grand or a Planet Hollywood-sponsored card at Thomas and Mack Center).

Pacquiao promoter Bob Arum discussed fight plans with the Filipino sensation while attending Pacquiao's 30th birthday celebration this week in the Philippines. Schaefer, meanwhile, has maintained contact with Hatton and his family.

"We're getting real close, and the more time people know this fight is coming, the better," Schaefer said. "It'll be Pac-Man versus Hit Man, who do you like?"

Hatton was impressive in November, battering Paulie Malignaggi in a 140-pound fight, but lightweight champion Pacquiao last month pounded Oscar De La Hoya into likely retirement.

source: latimes.com

Roach wants ‘De la Hoya-level training’ for Pacquiao vs Hatton

MANILA, Philippines – If Manny Pacquiao’s projected showdown with Ricky Hatton finally gets the green light, trainer Freddie Roach wants his boy to undergo the same regimen as he did when he trained for Oscar de la Hoya.

“I want him to be there (Wild Card gym) first week of March," said Roach, stressing that the length of training should just be fine for Pacquiao in a proposed but yet-to-be-finalized May 2 play date with the Hitman in Las Vegas.

Pacquiao prepared for more than two months for his fight against De la Hoya, a match that ended in a stunning eight-round technical knockout win for Pacquiao.

That Roach wants his most prized ward to mimic his preparation time with De la Hoya for Hatton is well-founded.

“Hatton’s a very good body puncher and is very dangerous," he admitted.

A former junior lightweight champion, the noted puncher from Manchester, England packs an impressive win-loss record of 45-1, 32 of which came by way of knockout.

His relentless style and vicious punching makes him “tailor-made" for Pacquiao, according to the two-time Trainer of the Year.

“Manny should stay away from the ropes when he fights Hatton," said Roach.

Along with Top Rank promoter Bob Arum, the celebrated trainer arrived in the country Tuesday to join the lavish celebration of Pacquiao’s 30th birthday. The two left for Los Angeles Thursday night via Philippine Airlines.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Manny Pacquiao's promoter Bob Arum claims he is in talks with Ricky Hatton's camp over a lucrative fight in May - but insists there is no chance of Wembley hosting the showdown.

Light-welterweight world champion Hatton was expected to take on the winner of Pacquiao's December 6 clash with Oscar De La Hoya.

But after the Filipino's destructive victory, it emerged Floyd Mayweather Jr was looking to come out of retirement and jump ahead of the Mancunian in the queue.

Top Rank chief Arum, however, appears to want his fighter - currently regarded as the finest in the world - to face Hatton in the spring and then Mayweather later in the year.

Arum, currently in the Philippines to celebrate Pacquiao's 30th birthday, told reporters: "We are in negotiations with the Hatton people and I think we're moving closer.

"I can assure you it will not be at Wembley. Not because Manny would be afraid to fight in England but because Wembley makes no economic sense, because we'll have to do it at 5am (to suit American television), outdoors, where there is a 90% chance of rain."

Neither Pacquiao nor Hatton have concealed their desire to meet in the ring, with Hatton eager to face another pound-for-pound champion after previous ruler Mayweather inflicted his only professional defeat a year ago.

The Filipino southpaw, meanwhile, is able to dictate his own terms as the most marketable fighter on the planet but is willing to travel around the globe fighting the best opposition available.

Arum, who revealed the early proposed dates for the fight are May 2 or May 9, added: "I think it is the fight everybody wants to see."

Arum also claimed around 1.4million pay-per-view sales were made for Pacquiao's victory over De La Hoya, which saw the Mexican-American fail to emerge for the ninth round.

source: sportinglife.com

Pacquiao's Hatton fighting talk

RICKY Hatton has turned down an invitation to Manny Pacquiao's birthday party in the Philippines but is being lined up for a less friendly meeting with the world pound-for-pound number one next year.

Hatton met the brilliant little Filipino after his shock victory over Oscar de la Hoya last week, when he went backstage to congratulate him.

And Pacquiao, whose win threw Hatton's own plans to fight de la Hoya out of the window, asked Hatton to join him in his hometown of General Santos City to celebrate his 30th birthday today.

Hatton had to turn down the invitation due to other commitments but the promoters of the two men have already begun talks about a possible May meeting in a Las Vegas ring.

Hatton's lawyer Gareth Williams admitted that de la Hoya's defeat ripped up the script that the two camps had been preparing for a Wembley showdown next summer.

He told M.E.N. Sport: "Manny's victory was a massive shock because we had anticipated Oscar would win.

"Ricky felt Oscar has got his weight wrong but it was an impressive performance by Manny.

"We had already been in discussions with them to put the Ricky v Oscar fight on, so it's back to the drawing board now. A fight with Oscar is no longer a possibility.

"Golden Boy have an interest in Manny, but Manny's promoter Bob Arum has made it no secret that he would like him to fight Ricky."

There has been talk of Pacquiao facing Floyd Mayweather Junior, previously named as the pound-for-pound king, but Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach feels Hatton would be a better fight.

As well as being bigger box office than the strangely unpopular Mayweather, the deal is also less political as Hatton's US handler Golden Boy Promotions also holds a stake in Pacquiao.

Roach said: "Hatton is the best fight out there for us right now, money-wise, style-wise. He's a hard guy. He likes to fight.

"It would be a very interesting fight. I think the world would love to see that and Manny always wants to give the world what it wants."

Hatton's trainer Floyd Mayweather Senior blasted back: "If they want Rick, they're going to get Rick and it won't end pretty for them.

"I love this fight for Rick. We will dismantle Pacquiao, guaranteed."

source: manchestereveningnews.co.uk

It Looks Like It Could Be Hatton Next For Pacquiao

Ricky Hatton said recently he is worried a come-backing Floyd Mayweather will beat him to it when it comes to a big-fight showdown with pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao. Well, according to the latest word from top promoter Bob Arum, who handles "Pac-Man," Hatton need not be too concerned, as it looks more and more likely that the 30-year-old from Manchester will be next for the Filipino..

In an article in The Philippine Star, Arum spoke of a Pacquiao-Hatton fight. The promoter also discussed the possibility of a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight for later on in 2009.

"The latest is we are talking to the Hatton people, and I think we are moving closer," Arum said. "I think that's the fight everyone wants to see. One thing I assure you it will not be at Wembley. Manny is not afraid to fight him there. But it makes no economic sense to do it in England at four or five in the morning, at an outdoor venue with a 90-percent chance of rain."

So Hatton has a very good shot at getting one part of his wish made true, the actual getting of the fight he so badly wants; he just won't have his wish of fighting in front of a massive home country audience granted. Arum says Las Vegas is likely as the fight's venue - probably The Thomas and Mack Centre.

Arum is correct when he says Pacquiao Vs. Hatton is a fight everyone wants to see, but so too is a Pacquiao-Mayweather clash being called for. Will that happen also?

"Mayweather we would love but Mayweather is moving very, very slowly," Arum said. "If he will be available it will be September or November next year. That's a possibility, but we haven't heard anything from the Mayweather people. I think his people want to do it but he hasn't given them the go-ahead."

I must admit, I felt for sure Floyd Junior would be putting himself out there, telling anyone who would listen to him that he was going to come back and beat Pacquiao so as to re-claim his position as pound-for-pound best in the sport. Instead, we have heard from Floyd Senior, but not from the unbeaten "Money." Surely Mayweather wants this fight? Maybe he's simply taking a back-seat approach, is quietly training like a man possessed and maybe Floyd will take on the winner out of "Pac-Man" and "The Hitman." Time will tell.

However, as good as things look right now, a Pacquaio-Hatton fight is in no way a 100-percent done deal.

According to the Star article, Arum, if he's unable to push through the Hatton fight for any reason, will consider another fighter for the superstar. Once again, Zab Judah's name cropped up. However, Arum closed by saying he is "optimistic it [a Hatton fight] will be done."

Let's hope so.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Target Manny Pacquiao: The Future of Ricky Hatton

So we’re told that Hatton vs. Pacquiao is a possibility for Wembley Stadium, London, next summer, a venue that will hold 90,000 screeching British fans, with the fight beamed back to the States on PPV for mega-bucks. You can’t blame the fighters for picking up the cash, and the fight will be a competitive one even if there remains a size differential, albeit not on the scale of the Pacquaio-De La Hoya disparity.

What price then Mayweather steps out of retirement early/middle of next year – takes on Margarito in a fight most would pay to see, with the winner stepping in with the Wembley victor towards the end of 2009.

Imagine – real fights between quality operators, with plenty at stake including titles/ legacies/ reputations/ revenge-missions. This is the stuff of soap opera, with the 24/7 program makers salivating over slow mo’s and tearful back-stories in amongst the cracked egos and ribs. Fantastic stuff.

In the meantime, Ricky will be back in Manchester and down the pub, filling his face with pie and beer. He’ll pile on the obligatory 30 pounds, charm us all with his wit and bonhomie, shock us with his triple-chins, and have us marveling at his almost magical ability to remove all traces of his excesses come his next fight-night.

source: ringsidereport.com

Monday, December 15, 2008

Five Fights That Would Prepare Ricky Hatton for Manny Pacquiao

Ricky Hatton has captured the imagination of American boxing fans in the last two years. With a total of 46 fights, Hatton has fought five of his last six in the United States, winning five total. He's proven his courage and will by fighting Floyd Mayweather Jr. and challenging the winner to the Pacquiao-De La Hoya fight.

Unfortunately, rumors state the winner, Manny Pacquiao, may be facing the likes of current retired boxer Mayweather Jr. This leaves Hatton fight-less at the moment unless he wants to fight somebody else until he gets his chance against Pacquiao.

Rumors also state that Hatton's camp is talking of a possible fight against Zab Judah, which I believe would be an unproductive bout before facing Pacquiao. Judah, although an ex-champion, would only give Hatton the experience against a southpaw-style fighter.

Hatton will need an opponent that can apply pressure, not just fancy foot movement, and fast hands. Also, I was under the impression that Judah suffered cuts over both eyes that could put him on an extensive layoff from the ring.

However, a preparation fight for Manny Pacquiao is going to be very important, and Hatton and camp should pick someone different in my opinion. Here are five fighters I believe would be a productive fight, as well as a great achievement if he was to get a victory.

1. Juan Manuel Marquez (49-4-1)

Although Marquez is scheduled to fight Juan Diaz, he is a fellow Golden Boy fighter like Ricky Hatton, and like Ricky, he wants to get the Pacman in the ring.

Fans would love to see JMM fight his way to a rematch with Pacquiao, and you can't deny it would be an explosive fight against the two. Golden Boy can make it happen.

2. Joshua Clottey (35-2)

Hatton hasn't been very sharp-looking at 147 pounds, but if he wants to face a welterweight with speed and great combination punching, Clottey would be a strong opponent.

Clottey only suffered two defeats—one by champion Margarito in which he wanted a rematch, and a unification bout that got pushed to the side.

3. Nate Campbell (32-5-1)

Nate Campbell has a mandatory fight against Ali Funeka, but he has until the end of '09 to make it happen. Campbell would give Hatton the chance to face a fighter that has the in and out style like Pacquiao. Campbell would rush in with three to four punches, and Hitman would need to learn how to stop those from connecting.

4. Kendall Holt (24-2)

Holt successfully defended his title against last minute replacement Demetrius Hopkins and proved that he is a worthy champion and is ready to be known as such against big name opponents.

5. Joel Casamayor (36-4-1)

If Hatton's camp is searching for a fighter that isn't going to cause a huge threat, but gives enough of a battle to make Hatton work, I would go with Casamayor.

A fight with Casamayor is going to give you experience with speed, and he will go toe to toe when you step in. He punches well with both hands and comes from different angles. This would be the safe pick, yet more productive.

Ricky Hatton needs to pick a fighter that is going to show him pressure and angles in the ring. Hatton will need to work on his defense and jab, as we all know he has the habit of standing square and being the pressure fighter.

Against Pacquiao, Hatton will need to be the one stepping to the side away from the power punch. If he steps forward, Pacman won't go anywhere, and if he steps back he's going to trap himself. He will also need to focus on counter punching and four-punch combinations involving the body.

Any fight involving Hatton is interesting, and I'm ready to see where he goes from here.

source bleacherreport.com

Saturday, December 13, 2008

£20million mega-fight with Pacquiao looks set for Las Vegas

RICKY HATTON’S dreams of facing the world’s No.1 pound-for-pound fighter Manny Pacquiao at Wembley Stadium next year appear to have been shattered.

The fight now looks certain to be staged next May in Las Vegas.

Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum is reluctant to let the Filipino superstar fight in Hatton’s back yard unless the Pacman gets the bulk of the cash.

That means Hatton will settle for another Stateside fight, where he could earn a colossal £20million.

The Hitman was desperate to defend his IBO and Ring Magazine titles in Britain, but will not be short-changed.

The Manchester idol is set for a holiday with his girlfriend over the New Year and then a cruise with his family in February.

source: newsoftheworld.co.uk

Arum sets date for Pacquiao’s next fight

Top Rank chief Bob Arum has a date and a few fighters in mind for Manny Pacquiao’s next fight and the Hall of Fame promoter will formally inform him of the pertinent details when he joins in the celebration of the Filipino star’s 30th birthday in the coming week.

"The target date is May, the 2nd or the 9th of May," Arum told boxingtalk yesterday.

While Arum admits that only two guys – British Ricky Hatton and American Floyd Mayweather – have what it takes to command superfight status with Pacquiao, there are a few others out there who can light up the ring.

"I’m going to the Philippines on Monday to attend Manny’s birthday party, and we’ll have some preliminary discussions. The question is does Manny want a mega-fight in his next fight, or does he want a really good big fight," Arum said.

source: mb.com.ph

Manny Pacquiao could have his pick of huge fights

Now that Manny Pacquiao has emphatically reestablished himself as the best fighter in boxing following his eighth-round destruction of Oscar De La Hoya last week in Las Vegas, it's time to look at what the future holds for the Philippines' incredible "Pac-Man."

Pac-Man's hit list
# Ricky Hatton: The only question surrounding this fight appears to be whether it will be in Hatton's native England or the U.S. For boxing's sake, it should be in the U.K., because the scene would be bedlam. The fight itself would be interesting as well. Hatton is smaller and quicker than De La Hoya, and his aggressive, bullish style would likely mesh well with Pac-Man's. Pacquiao would be the favorite, but it wouldn't be nearly as easy as the Oscar drumming. Still, it would be hard to bet against Pac-Man. Odds: Pacquiao, 7-5; Matt's pick: Pacquiao TKO 11.

source: elpasotimes.com

Friday, December 12, 2008

Roach's personal choice: Pacman-Hatton better deal

Freddie Roach, who trained and guided Manny Pacquiao to become the world’s best pound-for-pound boxer, wants Britain’s top fighter Ricky Hatton as the Filipino champion’s next opponent.

In a statement to PhilBoxing, the future hall of famer said he believes the Pacquiao-Hatton duel will make for a better match up than Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Jr.

“Regardless of money, I want Hatton to be the next fight for Manny,” said Roach. “I don’t want a boring fight. Look at what happened when (Oscar) Dela Hoya fought Mayweather. I’d rather let Manny fight Hatton.”

Pacquiao’s promoter Top Rank is also eyeing a showdown with the British Hitman.

source: philstar.com

Pretenders want ‘PacMan’ but Hatton next

There’s a long queue of boxers wanting to fight Filipino superstar Manny “Pac Man” Pacquiao, but his promoter, Bob Arum, seems more interested in mega fights in view of Pacquiao’s plan to retire after two or three more fights.

“It depends on whether we’re going to do a real big mega fight or just a real good fight,” Arum told reporters during a press conference to announce the Antonio Margarito-Shane Mosley fight next year at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

“If we do a real good fight, we’ll look for guys like Kendall Holt, Timothy Bradley or Lamont Peterson—guys like that,” he said.

“If we’re going to do a mega fight, there are two names that come to mind. One is Ricky Hatton; the other is Floyd Mayweather Jr., so we’re going to see,” Arum added.

For now, however, it appears that Hat ton, who called out the name of Pacquiao after the Filipino icon’s dominant demolition on December 7 of former six-division world titlist Oscar de la Hoya, seems to next in line for Pacman.

Arum said he would sit down with Ray Hatton, manager and father of the popular British brawler nicknamed “Hitman,” next month to discuss the mechanics of Pacquiao vs. Hatton.

“Until New Year, it’s celebration time for all Filipinos. After that, I’ll sit down with Ray Hatton with the No 1 fight on the drawing board Manny against Ricky at 140 pounds,” he was quoted by The Sun, a London tabloid.

Arum noted that Hatton, 30, has already taken part in one of the biggest grossing non-heavyweight fights—when he pulled in around 13 million pounds for fighting Floyd Mayweather Jr. at welterweight.

Todd DuBoef, the president Top Rank Promotions, was also quoted by The Sun as favoring a showdown with “Hitman” Hatton.

DuBoef said: “It’s such a big fight and it would be such a landmark for the sport, a guy from a Third-World island in Asia fighting a hero from the UK.”

source manilatimes.net

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Manny Pacquiao could become most popular overseas fighter with British fans

There is every sign that Manny Pacquiao could fight Rick Hatton next year. Having met Manny at Freddie Roach's Wild Card Gym in Los Angeles last month on a press trip to see Amir Khan at work, I have the feeling that if he came to the UK, he would become hugely popular with British fight fans. Maybe even as popular as Hatton.

What's not to admire about Pacquiao ?

I somehow doubt there would be the same insulting, football-fan style chants aimed at Pacquiao, which are often aimed at other 'away' fighters, as we have seen recently with Ricky Hatton against Floyd Mayweather, Joe Calzaghe against Bernard Hopkins, and even on Saturday night in Nottingham when Carl Froch fought Canadian Jean Pascal for the WBC super-middleweight title.

There is something very special about the man - a humility which always strikes a chord with British fans.  

source: telegraph.co.uk

Hatton’s fighting style perfect for Pacquiao

Sports analyst Dennis Principe of SportsNews.ph said Hatton is almost tailor made for Pacquiao.

“Weakness of Hatton is, wala sya ‘yung style of an intelligent fighter, it's all courage on his part, pasok sya ng pasok,” said Principe.

He said Pacquiao can easily dispose of Hatton, now that he has evolved into a complete fighter.

“Manny has evolved into a complete fighter, a thinking fighter, and to the letter sinusnunod nya yung mga fight plan. Kung ano man nagawa ni [Floyd] Mayweather kay Hatton, I think mas magiging madali para kay Pacquiao ‘yung magagawa nya kay Hatton,” said Principe.

He said that like what Pacquiao did to de la Hoya, speed and defense will be the key to beating Hatton.

source: abs-cbnnews.com


Manny Pacquiao's stunning win over a fast-fading Oscar De La Hoya in Las Vegas last Saturday night was not what Ricky Hatton wanted to see.

Hatton, ringside at the MGM Grand, was hoping for a conclusive win for De La Hoya which would open the way for a projected superfight against the American at a British stadium next summer.

While that could conceivably still happen, it would more than ever carry the aura of a retirement party rather than any sort of contest in which rich legacies and pound for pound status were at stake.

Instead, Hatton may have to face up to the fact that his stadium dream is over. He may pursue Pacquiao, but he will have to get into a queue likely soon to be headed by - wait for it - a returning Floyd Mayweather.

In any case, such a showdown would almost certainly take place in the United States. Pacquiao, no stranger to national hero status, does not, unlike De La Hoya, crave a piece of the frenzy surrounding Hatton at home.

While he waits, Hatton has a number of options far more attractive than a fight against De La Hoya. He could take his pick of the world's top lightweights, not least the exciting former Pacquiao foe Juan Manuel Marquez.

It would be no surprise to see Hatton versus Marquez quickly inked for May next year. Victory would enhance Hatton's credibility in the US - and boost his hopes of one day getting into the ring opposite the extraordinary Pacquiao.

source: sportlife.com

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hatton in Pac Attack!!!

RICKY HATTON roared ‘Bring on the Pac Man’ after Oscar De La Hoya was brutally stopped after seven savage rounds by Manny Pacquiao.
De La Hoya’s bid to fight Hatton in a £14million showdown in London next May was stopped in its tracks when Pacquiao upset the overwhelming odds in Las Vegas.

Hitman Hatton said from ringside at the MGM Grand Garden Arena: “Everybody was talking about De La Hoya as if it was a done deal.

“Well Pacquiao has now proved himself to be the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world so why wouldn’t I want to fight him?

“Pacquiao is now one of the biggest names in the world and I am the biggest ticket- seller in the world. Maybe I am appreciating my worth after all this time.

“My career has always been about setting new goals and if Oscar is out of the equation, then without a doubt, I’d fight Pacquiao.”

source: thesun.co.uk

Pacquiao waiting for Hatton, Mayweather

Let them come to me.

This was what Manny Pacquiao told reporters at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) when asked who between Ricky Hatton and Floyd Mayweather Jr. he would like to face the next time he enters the ring.

Pacquiao's Philippine Airlines flight PR103 touched down at the NAIA Terminal 2 at 4:43 a.m. Wednesday. He left Los Angeles around 10 p.m. with his team.

"Maghihintay lang ako kung sino ang maghahamon. Magpapahinga muna ako, bakasyon. Ako, boksingero lang, trabaho ko at pini-prepare ko ang sarili ko," Pacquiao said when asked who will be his next victim.

The Filipino boxing idol said he doesn't care who Bob Arum will choose for his next fight after winning the "biggest fight in my career."

source: abs-cbnnews.com

Promoters leaning toward Pacquiao-Hatton in April?

MANILA, Philippines - The group promoting hard-hitting Ricky Hatton of England will begin talking to their counterparts on Manny Pacquiao's side before the month ends reportedly to see where the discussion of Pacquiao-Hatton showdown "goes".

Golden Boy Promotions chief executive Richard Schaefer said on Tuesday that he and Bob Arum, Pacquiao's promoter, would begin discussing details of Pacquiao's next fight within the next seven days.

"I'm sure Manny wants to go home and enjoy the birth of his child," Schaefer said. "But we'll start talking and see where it goes."

The opponent isn't surprising. But the proposed date for Pacquiao's next match somehow is.

Hatton and Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s names have been thrown inside the ring as possibly Pacquiao's next foe, with either foe creating a match-up expected to excite the boxing community.

But Schaefer suggested that Pacquiao could return to the ring as early "as April or May".

Pacquiao said recently he wanted to take a break and that he was looking at "around five or six months" of inactivity. His trainer Freddie Roach said he wasn't looking to be back in training camp until after six months.

Roach did admit, however, that the power-punching Hatton is the better choice over Mayweather Jr., who retired earlier this year with an undefeated record.

"Hatton is the best fight out there for us right now, money-wise, style-wise. He's a hard guy. He likes to fight. It would be a very interesting fight. I think the world would love to see that and Manny has been always wants to give the world what they want," Roach said


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pacquiao to face Hatton?

If I were a betting man I would have bet the farm on Manny Pacquiao to beat Oscar DeLaHoya last Saturday. Seemed obvious to me he’d win, despite all the claims Oscar would be too big. Pacquiao had the frame to carry the extra weight and it was always going to trouble DeLaHoya to boil down.

What’s less obvious is what’ll happen next. I’d pick Pacquiao to win a mooted match against Ricky Hatton, but the lingering question is whether Floyd mayweather Jr. Will come out of retirement to fight the Filipino.

The two best boxers in the world, pound-for-pound, going head to head.

That’s a rare treat.

But not a bout I’d bet money on.

source: fayobserver.com

Manny's Future: Hatton, Mayweather, Mosley, but not Margarito

"We’re not going to fight Margarito,’’ Roach said flatly when his name was brought up. "We would fight Mosley if he beats Margarito but I know our limitations. There are a lot of fights for Manny at 140 but a young Margarito? No.’’
There have already been some rumblings that former pound-for-pound champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr. may be back in boxing next year and he is someone Pacquiao might consider even though Mayweather would be considered the best fighter in boxing if he was active at the moment.

The former welterweight champion retired after winning a far more difficult split decision against De La Hoya a year ago so one could easily see a showdown with Pacquiao transformed into a major pay-per-view attraction.

Roach and Pacquiao would have no problem with that. Their only problem would be at what weight the two men would fight.

"We wouldn’t fight Mayweather at 147,’’ Roach said. "We might be willing to do it at a catch weight but not at 147.’’

source: badlefthook.com

Erik Morales: Ricky Hatton Will Beat Manny Pacquiao

By Mark Vester

Former three division champion Erik Morales thought Oscar De La Hoya vs. Manny Pacquiao was a farce before the event, and now he thinks it's an even bigger farce. He says the performance of De La Hoya made the fight a farce because Oscar looked like a fighter who "didn't want to win."

Pacquiao picked De La Hoya apart for eight one-sided rounds last weekend in Las Vegas, before Oscar called it a day before the start of the ninth round. Morales says De La Hoya took a dive against Bernard Hopkins, looked like a fool against Floyd Mayweather Jr. and did nothing to win against Pacquiao.

"It was a lie when De La Hoya faced Hopkins and lost. Against Mayweather he looked like a fool and now against Pacquiao he didn't do anything, nothing at all to win," Morales said to ESTO.

More than likely, Pacquiao will move down to junior welterweight to fight Ricky Hatton within the first six months of 2009. Talks are expected to start shortly between their promoters. Morales thinks the fight will do great business for television and the casinos due to the popularity of both fighters. But, he doesn't think Pacquiao will win. Morales fought Pacquiao three times, winning their first meeting by decision and losing the next two by knockout. Morales is still the last fighter to beat Pacquiao.

"Between the Ricky Hatton and Pacquiao, that fight would be a success for television, and the hotel and casinos of Las Vegas. Hatton has a good punch and he's fast. I can bet you that he wins," Morales said.

source: boxingscene.com

Manny Pacquiao: How Would He Do Against Ricky Hatton and Floyd Mayweather Jr?

Ricky Hatton: (41-0, 30 KO’s) If there was ever a bad match-up for Pacquiao, this would have to be it. Hatton, while clearly a slower puncher than the lightening fast Paquiao, is much, much tougher, in estimation. While at the same time, Hatton is constant puncher, one that likes to smother his opponents, giving them little room to work. Hatton, also, often wrestles his opponents on the inside, tiring them out with his rough-house tactics. For Pacquiao, he’d find out early on that Hatton is a bit too tough for his tastes, as he’s bullied and pushed around from the opening bell. Again, as mentioned earlier, Pacquiao would be considerable faster than Hatton.

However, the Bulldog-like Hatton, would easily walk through Pacquiao’s fast punches, as if they were feathers, getting quickly inside and pounding away on Pacquiao with vicious body shots and huge uppercuts. I don’t see this fight lasting longer than 4-rounds, with Hatton beating Pacquiao almost senseless in the process, in one of the worse slaughters since George Foreman vs. Joe Frazier.

source: www.mma-zone.com

What now for Ricky Hatton and Amir Khan?

The defeat and demolition in eight rounds of Oscar De La Hoya by Manny Pacquiao throws open the prospect of Hatton v Pacquiao in a superfight at Wembley, the Millennium Stadium, or back in Las Vegas, most likely around May.

The outcome also begs two questions: whether Hatton may have had a similar impact on De La Hoya ? Or whether he has the speed to confront rapidly rising Pacquiao, who will come down from 147lb to 140lb to meet Hatton.

Yet don't rule out the prospect of Floyd Mayweather Jnr announcing his comeback from retirement, which would pitch the current and former world No 1 pound for pound fighters against each other. If that happens, Hatton would need to keep busy in the meantime, with a fight perhaps against the winner of Kendal Holt (holder) and Ricardo Torres who meet for the WBO light welterweight title in Atlantic City on Saturday night.

Might be a good thing for Hatton, as he would have more preparation time under Floyd Mayweather Snr.

Hatton, commentating ringside on Saturday night for Sky, looked as if he has been on holiday. 

Monday, December 8, 2008

Ricky Hatton could face Manny Pacquiao at Wembley

RICKY HATTON could face Manny Pacquiao in a Wembley showdown after the Filipino beat Oscar De La Hoya into submission in Las Vegas.

Pacquiao revealed he wants a crack at the Hitman and would be happy to do so in summer at a British stadium.

Sluggish De La Hoya was dominated from start to finish and it was over after he failed to come out for the ninth round.

Pacquiao said: "My job is to fight in the ring, arranging the opponents is my promoter's job.

"I can fight any time, anywhere. I can go to England to fight Hatton, no problem."
Hatton going head to head with Pacquiao would capture the imagination of the British boxing public and Wembley could stage the fight in about six months' time.

Hatton's father, Ray, has already confirmed the London stadium is one of several venues under consideration for the prospective light-welterweight clash.

Holding the fight in the UK would appeal to the legions of supporters who have spent a small fortune following Hatton in the United States and the gate receipts from a Wembley clash would be vast.

Hatton might also gain some advantage from having a home crowd behind him and he is apparently relishing the prospect of taking on Pacquiao, who turns 30 - Hatton's age - later this month.

Hatton said: "Manny has proved again he's pound-for-pound the No.1 in the sport and I still might get my dream of becoming the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world."
If promoters can arrange the fight, Hatton would expect one of the toughest contests of his career.

Pacquiao's confidence is soaring and having started his career at light flyweight, his achievement in moving through the weights and remaining a formidable fighter has convinced him he can take on anyone.

He mixed right jabs with straight lefts and completely overwhelmed De La Hoya, the 35-year-old so-called Golden Boy.

De La Hoya's left eye started to swell in the third round and became more and more bruised as the fight went on.

Pacquiao said: "After that first round, I felt confident.

"He was swinging for the big shot. After the second round when I heard the bell ring, I thought 'I got him'. He was just looking for one shot." Pacquiao completely dominated the seventh round, nearly knocking De La Hoya down with multiple combinations.

Referee Tony Weeks would have been justified in stopping the fight and the ring doctor warned De La Hoya he would not let him take much more punishment.
De La Hoya continued to get pummelled and looked defeated as he strolled back to his corner at the end of the eighth.

His team decided the fight should not continue just before the ninth round was set to begin.

Pacquiao's promoter, Bob Arum, favours a clash with Hatton for his boxer's next challenge.

He said: "I know Ray Hatton. We'll sit down, we'll talk, that's probably the most logical fight to be made - Manny against Ricky Hatton at 140lb.

"Manny would want to fight at 140 and so would Ricky. That's probably No.1 on the drawing board.

"But let the kid have a great Christmas and New Year then we'll sit down to business."

source: dailyrecord.co.uk


Manny Pacquiao says he'd be happy to fight Ricky Hatton in England after destroying Oscar De La Hoya in their superfight in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

The Filipino icon defied ring logic by stepping up three weight divisions in eight months to stop the faded 'Golden Boy' after eight rounds in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Hatton was being lined up to fight the winner, with De La Hoya expected to come out victorious en route to a huge summer showdown in London next year.

But those plans came unstuck in a huge way as Pacquiao first befuddled De La Hoya and then battered him before the fight was stopped after round eight.

Afterwards Pacquiao confirmed he's up for a showdown with the Hitman, telling Sky Box Office: "My job is to fight in the ring, that's the promoter's job. I can fight any time, anywhere. I can go to England to fight Hatton, no problem."

Meanwhile Bob Arum, Pacman's promoter, agreed Manny against Ricky at light-welterweight could be on the cards.

He said: "Why not, but tonight and until the New Year it's celebration time for all the Filipinos. But after that I know Ray - we'll sit down, we'll talk, that's probably the most logical fight to be made - Manny against Ricky Hatton at 140lbs. Because obviously Manny would want to fight at 140 and so would Ricky. That's probably number one on the drawing board. But let the kid have a great Christmas and New Year, and then we'll sit down to business."

Hatton himself said: "Manny's proved again that he's pound-for-pound the number one in the sport and I still might get my dream of becoming the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world."

source: sportinglife.com

Ricky Hatton next on the agenda for Manny Pacquiao after Oscar De La Hoya win

Pacquiao confirmed he would be keen to take on the Manchester 'Hitman' after dominating a slow De La Hoya with speed and accuracy from beginning to end, scoring an eighth-round technical knockout victory at the MGM Grand.

He told Sky : "My job is to fight in the ring, (arranging opponents) is the promoter's job.
"I can fight any time, anywhere. I can go to England to fight Hatton, no problem."

The prospect of Hatton and Pacquiao going head to head would capture the imagination of the British boxing public, and reports indicate Wembley could stage the fight in around six months' time. Hatton's father, Ray, has already confirmed the London stadium is one of several venues under consideration for the prospective light-welterweight clash.

Holding the fight in the UK would appeal to the legions of supporters who have spent a small fortune following Hatton in the United States, and the gate receipts from a Wembley clash would be vast. Hatton might also gain some advantage from having a home crowd behind him, and he is apparently relishing the prospect of taking on Pacquiao, who turns 30 - Hatton's age - later this month.
Hatton said: "Manny's proved again that he's pound-for-pound the number one in the sport and I still might get my dream of becoming the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world."
If promoters can arrange the fight, Hatton would expect one of the toughest contests of his career.
Pacquiao's confidence is soaring, and having started his career at light flyweight, his achievement in moving through the weights and remaining a formidable fighter has convinced him he can take on anyone. It was a dazzling display against De La Hoya by the world's best pound-for-pound fighter, who mixed right jabs with straight lefts and completely overwhelmed the 35-year-old 'Golden Boy'.

De La Hoya's left eye started to swell in the third round and became more and more bruised as the bout went on.

"After that first round, I felt confidence," Pacquiao said. "He was swinging for the big shot. After the second round when I heard the bell ring, I thought, 'I got him'. He was just looking for one shot."

Pacquiao completely dominated the seventh round, nearly knocking De La Hoya down on more than one occasion with multiple combinations. Referee Tony Weeks would have been justified in stopping the fight and the ring doctor warned De La Hoya he would not let him take much more punishment.

De La Hoya continued to get pummelled and looked defeated as he strolled back to his corner at the end of the eighth.

His team decided that the fight should not continue just before the ninth round was set to begin.
Pacquiao's promoter Bob Arum favours a clash with Hatton for his boxer's next challenge.
"I know Ray (Hatton)," he said. "We'll sit down, we'll talk, that's probably the most logical fight to be made - Manny against Ricky Hatton at 140lb.

"Obviously Manny would want to fight at 140 and so would Ricky. That's probably number one on the drawing board. But let the kid have a great Christmas and New Year, and then we'll sit down to business."

source: telegraph.co.uk

Manny Pacquiao : "I Want To Fight Ricky Hatton"

Manny Pacquiao has officially thrown his hat into the Ricky Hatton sweepstakes. The winner of this Saturday's bout between Pacquiao and Oscar De La Hoya is the likely next opponent for Hatton in 2009. Pacquiao, a serious underdog, is moving up by two weight divisions to fight De La Hoya at the welterweight limit of 147. In his latest ESPN training blog, Pacquiao said he was inspired by Hatton's recent win over Paulie Malignaggi and plans to move down to junior welterweight to hunt down a Hatton fight.

"I was really inspired by watching Ricky Hatton win his fight against Paulie Malignaggi on Saturday. It was a good fight and I would like to fight Ricky Hatton. After my fight with Oscar, I will go back down to 140, which is Hatton's weight, so maybe that fight can happen," Pacquiao said.

Pacquiao has only fought once at the lightweight limit of 135, but continues to say that size will not be an issue when he faces De La Hoya, a former middleweight champion who took much harder punches from big men like Bernard Hopkins and Felix Sturm. 

"People have talked a lot about the fact that De La Hoya is bigger than me, that I began my career at 106 pounds, that he has fought at 160. But I was very young, 16 years old, when I started my professional career, and I have been continuing to grow ever since. I'm not that small. I'm 149, 150 right now and I have some time to come down to 147," Pacquiao said.

source: boxingscene.com