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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Little seems to bind Pacquiao, Hatton

LOS ANGELES - "The Battle of East and West" should be renamed "The Odd Couple."

Judging by the press conference Monday night, the only similarity between Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton might be their in-ring styles. Hatton entered the hotel first to a doo-wop, barbershop quartet tune. Rock music welcomed Pacquiao.

Hatton was wearing a nice casual outfit, while Pacquiao was decked out in a suit and tie, looking more like a guy who's ready to run for office than win what he called possibly the biggest fight of his career.

Consciously or unconsciously, even their trainers picked up on this opposites theme. Hatton's trainer, Floyd Mayweather Sr., really got things going with a rhyme that elicited laughs and "Manny" chants.

Hey Pac, it's over. So (stop) wishing on a four-leaf clover. ...

Come May 2, you will be uncrowned with your head hanging down. ...

Your title will be gone like the Roach when the lights go on.

The Roach, is Freddie Roach, Pacquiao's trainer. Roach and Mayweather have more animosity toward each other than their two fighters do.

So, now you're expecting Roach to fire back with something witty, something hard-hitting. Instead, he responded in ho-hum fashion, predicting that his man, the No. 1 pound-for-pound fighter, would make his victory short and sweet.

When the fighters finally got the microphone, the contrast from the two camps couldn't have been more clear.

Hatton came in fired up. He seemed more than annoyed that people kept asking him how he was going to handle Pacquiao's hand speed and power. Hatton said most people are basing those observations on Pacquiao's dismantling of Oscar De La Hoya in December.

"Anybody who knows boxing knows that wasn't the Oscar we've come to know." Hatton later remarked about those who say Pacquiao has a decided advantage in speed and power: "They're talking through their ass. ... Watch my hand speed. It'll surprise the hell out of you."

He also issued a warning to Pacquiao, referencing the fact that the Filipino great has been stopped twice.

"I hope he's improved on the body and that chin."

Pacquiao was calm and smiling, and even cracked a joke. He, unlike his opponent, wouldn't even guarantee victory.

"Only God knows who will win May 2. ... We'll just pray nobody gets hurt."

Later asked if he agreed with his trainer's prediction, Pacquiao said he respected Roach's words, but he didn't care what people believe.

After the fight, Pacquiao said he wants to play Hatton in darts.

Darts?! There are millions of dollars at stake, a potential big-money match with Floyd Mayweather Jr., in the winter and Pacquiao is acting like he doesn't have a care in the world.

For all of their differences, the attribute that Hatton and Pacquiao share could be the deciding factor in their bout. The two both love to come forward, and neither didn't mention any extra training on counterpunching or how to fight going backward.

Pacquiao even said, "I expect him to come forward and throw a lot of jabs."

The Hatton camp was even more blunt in its assessment. Responding to a reporter's question on if Hatton is comfortable countering, the elder Mayweather said, "Ricky ain't going backward. ... (Pacquiao) can't stop his mistakes right now.

"A body shot is going to get him."

The same strategy can't bring both men to victory. So, the one thing Hatton and Pacquiao share ultimately will separate them — a winner and a loser.

Source: foxsports.com

Power the key factor against Pacquiao, says Hatton

HOLLYWOOD, California (Reuters) - Ricky Hatton has warned Filipino Manny Pacquiao not to underestimate the Briton's power when the fighters clash on May 2 in Las Vegas.

Hatton, who has never lost at his natural weight of 140 pounds, will defend his IBO light-welterweight title against former four-weight world champion Pacquiao.

"I respect Manny for his skills and all his power but I think he should be a bit more worried about my power," Hatton told a news conference in the glitzy surrounds of Hollywood on Monday.

"He's had one fight about 135 pounds and that was against Oscar (De La Hoya). He's a southpaw, he's got his hand speed and his footwork so I'm aware of the dangers.

"But he should certainly be worried about my power. He has won world titles in different weight divisions but down there."

Asked if he viewed Pacquiao as something of a lightweight when it came to power, Hatton (45-1, 32 KOs) replied he did not want to say too much in case it came back to bite him.

"But above all, I think it's going to be a fantastic fight. And there's no doubt my own tactics. It'll be foot forward from the first bell."

The Manchester boxer is the world's top-ranked light-welterweight following his return to the division after losing to American Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a WBC welterweight title fight in December 2007.


Mayweather, widely regarded as the leading pound-for-pound boxer at the time, retired for a second time in June 2008.

Hatton returned to the ring to stop American Paulo Malignaggi in Las Vegas in November to retain his IBO light-welterweight belt.

Pacquiao, who outclassed 10-times world champion De La Hoya in Las Vegas in December to confirm his reputation as the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world, said he had great respect for Hatton.

"He's a strong fighter, a good fighter and he's quick," the 30-year-old added after the duo had been introduced to their fans on a red carpet outside the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

"For me, this is not a regular fight. I consider this fight to be toughest of my boxing career. After all he is undefeated at 140 pounds.

While Pacquiao, 48-3-2 with 36 knockouts, was reluctant to predict the outcome of the May 2 showdown dubbed 'The Battle of East and West', his trainer Freddie Roach was far from reticent.

Source: reuters.com

Pacquiao vs Hatton - Hollywood Presscon Pictures

Pacquiao vs Hatton - Hollywood Presscon Videos

Monday, March 30, 2009

Manny Pacquiao's Disastrous Situation

Call it a sudden twist of fate, or destiny playing with people's lives, but Manny Pacquiao just got entangled in a disastrous situation.

I'm not about to call a medic, for Manny's problem is not physical, but legal and psychological.

A few weeks ago, he was caught in the middle of a TV network war between Philippine Media giants ABS-CBN and GMA.

The dispute is over who has the right to broadcast his upcoming fight with Ricky Hatton.

Originally, Manny signed a contract with Solar Sports in 2007 which gives them the right to air his fights. Solar Sports then went into partnership with the GMA network so they could broadcast the fight on a local channel.

This contract is binding until 2011.

Out of nowhere, in a surprising ABS-CBN news program appearance on March 18, Pacquiao announced that he will let ABS-CBN cover his fight with Hatton.

His declaration shocked the media industry here in the Philippines.

The country's national fist has clearly committed a breach of contract. He can be sued and made to pay civil damages.

What's worse, Solar Sports threatened to raise this matter with the Supreme Court to prevent Pacquiao's next fight from being shown on Philippine TV.

Should this happen, we can expect another People Power Revolution throughout the archipelago.

At present it has been settled that GMA and Solar Sports will still be the ones to air Pacquiao vs Hatton.

Although it may seem peaceful now, the damage has already been done.

Physically, Manny can still be as explosive as he always was, but psychologically this recent turn of events might distract his focus.

Remember, Manny's legal counsel had to immediately fly to the U.S. to discuss this matter with him in order for them to straighten out this fracas.

This may just seem like a little mess that can easily be ironed out, but we will never know how much it has actually disrupted Pacquiao.

Knowing how much the media can manipulate peope's thinking, I'm quite certain that the whole network mess has caused Pacquiao some sleepless nights.

Source: bleacherreport.com

Hatton Heads To Vegas, Vows To Boss Pacquiao Around

Ricky Hatton has left for Las Vegas to finish up the remainder of his training camp with Floyd Mayweather Sr. Hatton says that he is in the best shape of his life for the upcoming May 2 showdown with Manny Pacquiao. He predicts that everyone will see a performance more impressive than his career defining win over Kostya Tszyu.

"I've still got five weeks to go and at a push I could be ready in a couple of weeks, so I have to be careful not to overdo it now. But I've got a fair few fights under my belt now and I've got a bit of experience so I can't see that happening, and I'm in perfect shape for training camp," Hatton said. "This is the best Ricky Hatton. It is even better than the Ricky Hatton that beat Kostya Tszyu and that's my best win to date so far in my career, so I think a lot of people are going to be surprised come fight night."

"The difference is I'm back using my head. I'm back using my jab, throwing combination punches as well along with my 100 mph body punching and my aggressiveness, which I suppose is what everyone has come to like about me. I've got a little bit more finesse and I'm thinking about what I'm doing instead of steaming in there and making it easy for my opponents so I'm better in every department now."

Hatton is still under the impression that Pacquiao is out his element by taking him on at junior welterweight. Even though Pacquiao beat Oscar De La Hoya at 147, Hatton believes that Pacquiao will not be strong enough, physically, to compete with him at 140.

"It's a tough fight, he's a southpaw, he's very, very quick, he's a decent puncher, but this is my division," Hatton added. "I've only lost one in 46 fights and that was up to welterweight, I won a world title at welterweight but it's clear it's not my natural division.

"I really think I'm the boss over my opponents with my size and strength and with my extra boxing ability now which, from what I've heard from the Pacquiao camp I don't think they've prepared for, they're going to be in for a shock."

Source: boxingscene.com

Pacquiao, Hatton ‘face off’ amid Hollywood-style glitz

MANILA, Philippines – The much-awaited blockbuster fight between Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton gets a glitzy Hollywood treatment as the promo for the “Battle of East and West" bout heats up in LA Monday night (Tuesday morning in Manila).

Like movie stars pitching for a big budget summer flick, Pacquiao and Hatton are set to alight limousine, then walk the red carpet and speak to their fans at the Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Blvd., according to The RING Magazine’s website.

Search lights will add drama to the affair, which will culminate in a news conference at the historic Spanish-style hotel named after the late US President Theodore Roosevelt.

The LA presser is expected to serve as yet another venue for the protagonists’ outspoken trainers, Freddie Roach and Floyd Mayweather, Sr. to trade verbal jabs anew, as they did last month during their promotional tour in Hatton’s hometown Manchester and London.

Pacquiao has been based in the City of Angels for the last month, training intensively at the WildCard gym in Hollywood. Hatton flew in from London over the weekend and plans to wrap up his training in Las Vegas, site of his May 2 fight with Pacquiao, the reigning pound for pound king. –GMANews.TV

Source: gmanews.tv

Pacquiao in for a shock – Hatton

Ricky Hatton, fully satisfied with his ongoing preparation, boasted that he’s ready to rumble with Manny Pacquiao in two weeks time.

Shortly before hopping on a Las Vegas-bound plane on Sunday, Hatton expressed to the UK media his pleasure over the progress of his preparation under Floyd Mayweather Sr., hinting of a breakthrough performance on May 2 at the MGM Grand.

“It’s the best shape I’ve ever been in this far out,” Hatton told Sky Sports, the network that will air his fight on English TV from Las Vegas.

“I’ve still got five weeks to go and at a push I could be ready in a couple of weeks, so I have to be careful not to overdo it now,” said Hatton, who is a 2-1 underdog against the Filipino pound-for-pound king.

“But I’ve got a fair few fights under my belt now and I’ve got a bit of experience so I can’t see that happening, and I’m in perfect shape for training camp. This is the best Ricky Hatton. It is even better than the Ricky Hatton that beat Kostya Tszyu and that’s my best win to date so far in my career, so I think a lot of people are going to be surprised come fight night.”

Hatton said Team Pacquiao will be in for a shock albeit his foe’s southpaw style, quickness and above-average power could pose problems.

“It’s a tough fight, he’s a southpaw, he’s very, very quick, he’s a decent puncher, but this is my division,” Hatton said.

“I’ve only lost one in 46 fights and that was up to welterweight, I won a world title at welterweight but it’s clear it’s not my natural division."

“I really think I’m the boss over my opponents with my size and strength and with my extra boxing ability now which, from what I’ve heard from the Pacquiao camp I don’t think they’ve prepared for, they’re going to be in for a shock,” he added.

Meanwhile, Pacquiao and Hatton are going to come face to face Monday (Tuesday in Manila) when the Los Angeles Times host a lunch for them and their respective handlers and promoters.

In the evening, Pacquiao and Hatton will meet anew at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood for another event with celebrities in attendance.

Top Rank publicist Lee Samuels said Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke, a good friend of trainer Freddie Roach, will be on hand to welcome Pacquiao on the red carpet.

Top Rank chief Bob Arum said: “There’ll be plenty of celebrities present in the affair that starts at 7 p.m.”

Source: mb.com.ph

Saturday, March 28, 2009

HBO and the Philippines flex muscles together via Pacquiao-Hatton "24/7" and "Thrilla" saga

HBO is asserting its dominance in the boxing world as never before in coming weeks. And in today’s world, that means the Philippines will be more visible than ever.
The build-up to the Manny Pacquiao-Ricky Hatton pay-per-view fight (Las Vegas, May 2) begins in earnest April 11 when HBO premieres the “24/7” series tracking the two combatants in their homelands and beyond. That very night HBO also takes us back to 1975 with the premiere of its “Thrilla in Manila” documentary.

The next five weeks present a flurry of activity for Filipino boxing fans, with legendary bantamweight Gerry Penalosa in an underdog role challenging for Juan Manuel Lopez’s WBO super-bantamweight title in Puerto Rico on April 25 after flyweight champion Nonito Donaire headlines an April 18 card at Araneta Coliseum, the very site of the 1975 Muhammad Ali-Joe Frazier rubber match now known as the “Thrilla in Manila.’’

What a great tie-in between the distant past and the near future. While the “24/7” cameras remain in the Philippines tracking Pacquiao’s wife Jinkee and their children, we’ll be seeing a much earlier version of the Philippines in the “Thrilla” documentary, which was still being edited as of last week.

“You can’t tell the entire Pacquiao story without the vibrancy of his connection to his people,” said HBO sports chief executive Ross Greenburg, who is long familiar with my rave reviews of HBO projects and granted me an interview last week. “It seems like it’s an analogous situation to Ali – when he became the beloved Ali after his comeback in the Seventies.”

Until I preview “Thrilla,” which emphasizes Frazier’s perspective, let’s focus on “24/7.” HBO has used this up-close-and-personal series with 30-minute episodes for two years now, starting with Oscar De La Hoya-Floyd Mayweather. Hatton was put through this before his fight with Mayweather, and Pacquiao experienced it in Los Angeles en route to his victory over De La Hoya last fall.

Their increasing comfort with HBO’s surveillance enhances the current production, Greenburg says. “Once they get into that rhythm,” he said, “it really becomes kind of fly-on-the wall and seamless.”

It also relieves doldrums, he says. “They kind of enjoy it. It takes the monotony of training away.”

There’s nothing monotonous about HBO’s boxing schedule in April, even aside from the documentaries. The April 11 gala evening climaxes with Paul Williams vs. Winky Wright, for my money the greatest collision of left-handers since McEnroe-Connors. Penalosa-Lopez also will be on HBO, as will Edwin Valero’s April 4 battle with Antonio Pitalua for the vacant WBC lightweight title.

It seems that at least 80 percent of boxing’s most important fights are on HBO or its pay-per-view wing. That’s why it’s so awful that Gilroy junior lightweight Robert Guerrero seems to have fallen outside the HBO sphere for the time being.
The combination of intense interest in the Philippines and airwaves supremacy of HBO is reaching a zenith.

Source: examiner.co

Manny Pacquiao vs. Ricky Hatton - Will This Dream Match Come True?

What a difference a few years can make. When the above statement was written, Manny Pacquiao was blazing his way through the super featherweight division after recently despatching Erik Morales in blistering fashion. Hatton meanwhile was busy making noise himself at light welter, following up his title winning triumph over Kostya Tszyu with a blood and thunder knockout victory over the awkward Carlos Maussa.

Although the gap between them was a mere 10 lbs, the idea of the duo facing off against each other at this point would have seemed absurd.. Consensus thought was that Pacquiao had more or less reached his limit at super feather, a full 24 lbs on from his professional debut. Hatton on the other hand was about to head North in search of more lucrative assignments at welterweight, a venture ultimately destined for failure. With both vying for the unofficial title of boxing’s most exciting performer alongside perennial thrill machine Arturo Gatti and with neither appearing on the other’s radar, Ryan’s frustration appeared well founded.

In around five weeks time however, the match most never dreamt would one day happen, will play out before a captivated world wide audience and as it draws closer, the prospect becomes more enthralling by the day. A fight which crosses over to the masses may just finally deliver the goods and provide the sport with a major shot in the arm.

Too often of late, the fights which are brought to the attention of the casual fan, usually with an overblown fanfare, end up leaving Joe the Plumber shaking his head and exclaiming ‘is that all there is to boxing these days?’

Many of the truly huge blockbuster fights of recent vintage, Trinidad De la Hoya, Lewis Holyfield I & II, Lewis Tyson and Mayweather De la Hoya, although intriguing encounters, ultimately disappointed. We got a bang for our buck with the Tyson Holyfield battles in terms of excitement I’ll grant you, yet it was hard not to feel short changed after Tyson fouled out in the rematch. Away from the spotlight, truly epic fights involving the likes of Gatti Ward, Marquez Vazquez and Corrales Castillo unfolded to reaffirm our belief that the fight game was just as good as it ever had been, not that old Joe would ever have known about it. Shrinking column inches meant that the great fights remained tucked away whilst the observers who only popped in on our sport from time to time for the big ones, witnessed much ballyhoo with little substance, a most frustrating scenario.

There are two phrases which are guaranteed to leave me cold and running for cover. The first is ‘this guy is the new Tommy Hearns’ (you can guarantee he’s nothing of the sort, from Vernon Forrest to Paul Williams, anyone it seems who fits the Hearns body type ends up having that one thrown at them). The second is ‘this fight could be Hagler Hearns all over again’………….cue tepid 12 rounder.

Hearns is one of the most exciting fighters who ever laced them up, so it’s natural to yearn for another one like him, his barnburner with Hagler remains arguably the most exciting fight of all time. Loathe as I am to put the kiss of death on Pacquiao Hatton, I’m starting to believe we could be in for something which at least bears comparison.

Hatton has proven a top class performer at 10 stone, his forays into the welterweight division against Collazo (a debateable points win) and Mayweather (his only defeat, by knockout) bringing him his poorest returns as a fighter. As a light welterweight however, Hatton has ruled as Ring champion for almost four years, making five successful title defences since his career high point, the championship winning effort over Kostya Tszyu. Tough, powerful and strong for the weight, Hatton is the proverbial immovable object.

Pacquiao is as dynamic a performer as they come. A force of nature between the ropes, Manny has adapted his tornado like style under the umbrella of Freddie Roach. Able to box superbly from his southpaw stance, he has developed into the stellar pound for pound king of boxing. Despite the wonderful skills he has honed which allow him to dart in and out of distance whilst peppering opponents with lead fisted attacks, Pacquiao like Hearns, can’t resist a good old tear up.

Despite Hatton bringing on board Floyd Mayweather Sr. in an attempt to regain some movement and boxing fluidity, I fancy that his approach come fight time, will be not too dissimilar to Hagler’s was on that windy Vegas evening in 1985; namely to keep swinging the swords until there are no more heads to roll. Ricky does have boxing skills, however attempting to box clever as he did against Ben Tackie or Eamonn Magee would appear to be the wrong tactics completely here. He must look to exploit his advantages in strength and size in this one and bully the naturally smaller man, much as he did against Jose Luis Castillo.

If this is the way Hatton elects to fight, then there seems little doubt that the Pacman won’t oblige him in a brawl. Roach will be programming him to box as he did against Oscar and David Diaz, both flawless fighting exhibitions, however once the leather starts flying and Manny’s hackles rise I’d wager we’ll see fighting and slugging as opposed to cerebral boxing. If Roach’s prediction of the ‘Hitman’ falling in three comes to fruition, it would indeed invoke memories of that night of unsurpassable violence from ’85.

Back to 2006 and Steve Farhood’s take on who he thought was boxing’s most thrilling fighter, descriptions which reaffirm that boxing may finally come up trumps with a crossover fight which not only generates PPV sales, but delivers the goods also:
‘Both guys have solid chins…..both guys are prone to cuts….both fighters have had to beat fighters with blood flooding into their eyes….both guys are able to knock an opponent out in the late rounds…..we might lean toward Pacquiao because his whirlwind attack is more attractive than Hatton’s smothering style, but as far as pure excitement goes, it’s a close race between these two’.[/i]

Source: eastsideboxing.com

After UK: Pacquiao, Hatton bring promo tour in US

MANILA, Philippines – Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton are set to meet in Hollywood next week to promote their May 2 (May 3 Manila time) light-welterweight showdown in Las Vegas Nevada.

The encounter will be their first in the US since one of the year’s most highly-anticipated fights was first sealed in January.

Accompanied by their respective trainers Freddie Roach and Floyd Mayweather Jr, Pacquiao and Hatton are appearing at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel to speak to the crowd and later, face the media during a scheduled news conference.

Pacquiao is currently in the thick of his eight-week preparation for the Hatton fight that comes off the heel of the Filipino southpaw’s sensational eight-round technical knockout win over Oscar De La Hoya last December.

Hatton meanwhile, has packed up his training camp in England and is now bound for the US where he is expected to resume his preparation in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Prior to the promotion, Pacquiao is also set to appear at the Island Pacific Supermarket in Panorama City Saturday to hype up his first fight for the year.

Shortly after the fight was sealed last January, Pacquiao and Hatton toured Manchester, England to promote the title fight for the International Boxing Organization (IBO) 140-pound belt.

The 30-year old General Santos City native has likewise been invited to throw the ceremonial pitch in the San Francisco Giants’ game on April 21.

Souce: gmanews.tv

Friday, March 27, 2009

Pacquiao/Hatton fans invited to boxers' public appearances

Boxing promoters are trying something new to publicize the Manny Pacquiao-Ricky Hatton fight May 2 in Las Vegas: a red-carpet arrival Monday night at Hollywood's Roosevelt Hotel, complete with some celebrity appearances.

The boxers, their trainers Freddie Roach (Pacquiao) and Floyd Mayweather Sr. (Hatton) and celebrity friends and fans of boxing are expected at the event, which will precede the fighters' private news conference -- the only U.S. press event before fight week.

Pacquiao and Hatton are scheduled to address their fans, who are encouraged to arrive at the front entrance of the Roosevelt (7000 Hollywood Blvd.). The fighters and trainers will arrive in limousines at 7:30 p.m. and speak to the crowd before the news conference.

No official word on the celebrity list yet, but Roach is close friends with actors Mickey Rourke and Mark Wahlberg and television personality Mario Lopez. Hatton has drawn Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to a fight. Publicist Bill Caplan said he has invited director Ron Shelton, actresses Lolita Davidovich and Nancy Travis and comedian Paul Rodriguez.

Pacquiao also has a public appearance scheduled for Saturday at 4:30 p.m. at Island Pacific Supermarket in Panorama City.
Pacquiao, ranked the top pound-for-pound boxer in the world and just named the 2008 fighter of the year by the Boxing Writers Assn. of America, is trying to win in a fourth different weight division in four fights after defeating Juan Manuel Marquez, David Diaz and Oscar De La Hoya in 2008.

Hatton has lost only once, to retired pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather Jr., and has never lost at the May 2 weight: 140 pounds.

Source: latimes.com

17 experts pick Manny Pacquiao to defeat Ricky Hatton

The current issue of The Ring magazine has 21 pages dedicated to coverage of the upcoming fight between Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton. One of the features has 20 experts predicting the winner of the fight and 17 have picked Pacquiao. The three experts who have selected Hatton are Steve Bunch (television commentator) by late-round stoppage; Mark Collings (Esquire UK) mid- to late-round stoppage and Stuart Brennan (Manchester Evening News), possibly late-round stoppage.

Interestingly, two men who have fought Hatton -- Paulie Malignaggi and Luis Collazo -- both pick Pacquiao to win. And David Diaz, who fought Pac Man, also picks Manny by TKO.

Source: newsday.com


Yeah, yeah, yeah...that's what they all say! While I'm sure Ricky Hatton says what he means and means what he says, I'm a little concerned that he may be falling into the same trap that all of Manny Pacquiao's previous opponents have fallen into. It's one thing to downplay the speed, power and technical skills that Pacquiao possesses, but it's a whole other thing to take it for granted. Check out comments that some of Pacquiao's previous opponents made leading up to their bouts and compare them to comments that Hatton himself has recently made.


"I think that's the key to the whole thing, who'll be able to control the tempo."

"It's just a question of being ready to go 12 rounds, a hard 12 rounds, and have the condition to do so and I think I do have the condition to go 12 rounds with him."

"I feel real strong, and I think that's going to be the key."

"It was a mistake to have done all those, all those changes at one time, but we went back to basics."

" I know I'm going to be 100 percent. I feel real good. I think I've worked real hard for the last three months and I'm ready."


"You know, the big difference I think from the first fight and this fight is the preparation."

"You know, sometimes experience beats a young guy that's at his peak. And that's what I have. I have a lot of experience."

"It's about using my experience and doing my plan of fight and that's what's going to help me be victorious."

"But this fight, the difference is going to be that...the inspiration within me."

"The difference in this fight is that training has been great. It's been great. I've had a great training camp."


"My age won't be an issue in the fight."

"I feel so strong, so prepared for this fight."

"I think I have more speed."

"I can tell you that I'm a better fighter. I'm a more technical fighter."

"I consider myself better than Manny Pacquiao because I'm a better boxer, a better fighter."


"Whoever is in top condition is going to end up winning this fight."

"I want to be in great condition so I can go the distance because that's what I feel this fight's going to end up being."

"And if he does come out crazy, then I'll be there to meet him too, because I can get a little crazy myself."

"We see a couple of things there that we could expose."

"I think we're going to match up pretty much the same."


"I understand the relentless style he has, I understand the speed he has."

"The timing is going to be very important in this fight. I am going to time his speed and punches and match him no problem."

"I have speed and power too."

"I think whoever catches who first is going down."

"I'll be in the best shape of my life...we just have to figure out how we can be faster than many that night."


"I've always said at 140 pounds, I believe that I'm too strong, I'm too big."

"I strongly believe I would be as fast as Manny."

"I think there's a lot of technical ability that he should be a little bit worried about as well come fight night."

"I am going to be the biggest man that Manny has faced."

"I won't be bothered by his aggression and feel ready to take it on."

"Whoever ends up going backwards is going to lose."

Will Hatton fall prey to the same mistakes that other opponents have made? Time will tell, but judging from some of his comments, it sounds like Hatton, like so many other opponents, may be in for a suprise come May 2nd.

Source: fighthype.com

Pacquiao New Training Video

Hatton scoffs at Pacman's money shot

MANILA, Philippines - Ricky Hatton, still heavy at 154 pounds with just over 30 days before the fight, laughed off claims made by Manny Pacquiao’s trainer, Freddie Roach, that the British champ has a weak chin.

“Keep talking,” said Hatton before bursting into laughter, as reported by ABS-CBN which has a man, bureau chief Danny Buenafe, in London trying to get and deliver the latest from the Hatton camp.

A few days ago, Roach said Pacquiao would go for the Hatton’s chin and hope to put their May 2 showdown in Las Vegas to an early end.

“We’re going for his chin. That’s the money shot,” said Roach.

But Hatton doesn’t think it’s going to happen.

“I’m a lot better. I’m taking shots moving the head, jabbing. I think the tape they’ve been watching, they’ve been watching the old Ricky Hatton. So they have to work,” said Hatton.

The 30-year-old British is the reigning IBO light-welterweight champion, and Pacquiao will try to take it away from him, and emerge as one of the very few fighters to win five titles in different weight classes.

Hatton’s trainer, Floyd Mayweather Sr., has some word war going on against Roach. He’s went at it, when Hatton opened the doors to his Manchester training camp to the media Wednesday.

“I think that Ricky has better skills. Ricky will be backing the Pacman up against the ropes or in the corner, he’ll (Pacquiao) be having a lot of problems right there,” he said.

On the chin issue, he has this to say.

“Anybody can play jokes with himself, you want to fool yourself and try to fool the public? That’s fine. At the end of the day only one fighter will be standing and I know who it’s going to be. It’s going to be the Hitman Hatton,” Mayweather said.

The self-proclaimed greatest trainer in boxing is confident that Hatton will be in shape, down to 140 pounds, on the eve of the fight. Reports that he’s still at 154 may be a ploy to throw Pacquiao off.

“Roach has said a few things that have upset Floyd – like Manny Pacquiao is going to knock me out in three rounds – and he was nothing short of disgusted by that. It got his back up a bit. This fight is about getting the tactics right and who is the better trainer,” Hatton told The Daily Telegraph.

“I don’t want to be disrespectful to Freddie Roach but it is clear from my fight against Paulie Malignaggi when I was moving my head, jabbing better and making better angles without losing any of my ferocity, that I made the right choice of coach,” he said.

“Maybe it is all early mind games and he is trying to big up his fighter, confidence-wise. It doesn’t matter what I read or what help Manny gets from Amir (Khan). Nothing can faze me. This is my fight.”

Hatton said it’s fine with him that Khan, a close friend, is helping Pacquiao in his training.

Hatton said he’s making sure that he’ll be the bigger fighter in the ring on May 2, and that he’ll be the biggest fighter Pacquiao ever faced. The British cyclone said he will climb the ring at 154 pounds.

“You will do anything to throw off your opponent,” said Roach, who also plays with the numbers sometimes.

Pacquiao, according to the latest word out of the Wild Card Gym, is down to 148 or 148 pounds.

Source: philstar.com

Pacquiao hurting from ABS-CBN incident

Manny Pacquiao on Friday admitted his faults for the mess that marred the negotiations for the airing of his May 2 fight with Ricky Hatton but the Filipino boxing star said that it is network giant ABS-CBN that should be heavily blamed for the broadcast brouhaha.

When it all appeared that the issue of the broadcast rights of his fight had been resolved, Pacquiao on Friday unleashed a flurry of verbal attacks against the network giant, which the boxer said sweet-talked him into signing a deal with the TV station even in the absence of his counsel.

Pacquiao’s lawyer, Franklin Gacal, said in a hastily-called press conference that Pacquiao “was not the one who approached ABS-CBN for the purpose of transferring the TV rights from Solar Sports and that it was ABS-CBN sports reporter Dyan Castillejo who approached him with the idea to air the fight with Ricky Hatton on their station.”

Gacal said “Pacquiao was made to believe by the lawyer of ABS-CBN that there was a violation on the part of Solar which convinced him to entertain the idea of transferring the TV rights to ABS-CBN.”

Pacquiao said he remains “saddened, troubled and hurting from all the vilification thrown upon him by the unfortunate incident” an offshoot of his being “too trusting and too accommodating and too shy to say no.”

“He was made to believe that what he signed had factual and legal foundation,” said Gacal, who was joined in the brief affair at the Renaissance Hotel by Eric Pineda, another key member of Team Pacquiao.

“Manny realizes now that if indeed ABS-CBN was motivated by good faith, the prudent thing that they should have done was to exercise due diligence and should have acted without malice,” Gacal said.

“ABS-CBN was more in the position to know what is legal and illegal.”

Never has Pacquiao been criticized than before when he announced on primetime news early last week that he had agreed to let ABS-CBN show his fight with Hatton. After two days, Pacquiao had to come up with a retraction, saying he had made an unwise decision.

Gacal said Pacquiao was caught in a tight fix and was desperate to come out with a win-win solution but only found himself in a deep hole.

Gacal also said that part of the pact with ABS-CBN was the all-out support of the station to Pacquiao’s political plans in Sarangani next year but he declined to identify the individual without the go-signal from Pacquiao.

ABS-CBN on Friday came out with a statement regarding Pacquiao’s latest tirade but network officials instead brushed it off and reiterated the show of support of big boss Gabby Lopez.

“Suportahan na lang natin si Manny. He is a very good boxer and after all, he is a Filipino hero. He brings a lot of pride and joy to all of us Filipinos. Si Manny ang nag-approach sa atin. Hindi tayo ang nagkuha sa kanya. He approached us. He wanted to move to ABS-CBN for obvious reasons. Ang promotion, ang reach ng ABS ay far better than anything he has seen in GMA in the last year. That is the true reason why he wanted to move. He rescinded his contract. He decided to join us. Nagkagulo. Ang masasabi ko lang, we acted in an ethical manner. We did not violate any restrictions in the embargo. There is no deal on the politics. Now he has decided to go back to GMA, suportahan na lang natin siya and wish him well.”

Source: mb.com.ph

Manny’s about to invade ‘time’

MANNY PACQUIAO has taken the No. 7 spot in the ongoing poll for the Time 100 for 2009, Time Magazine’s list of the most influential people in the world.

The four-division champion, considered the world’s top pound-for-pound fighter, has received 133,689 votes with an average influence rating of 25 as of Thursday.

Pacquiao was 13th on Tuesday and a day later made it on the top 10 on the list that, as of Thursday, had “Moot,” the 20-something founder of the imageboard web site 4 chan, as No. 1 (2,425,073 votes with an average rating of 73). South Korean pop artist Rain was running second with US President Obama a distant No. 14 and golf superstar Tiger Woods occupying the 200th spot.

The 30-year-old prizefighter looks to steal the International Boxing Organization light-welterweight championship belt from British slugger Ricky Hatton when they battle on May 2 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, Hatton, also 30, has revealed his retirement plan, looking to set two big fights after Pacquiao before hanging up his gloves.

After facing Pacquiao, the Mancunian is hoping to take on Mexican pugilist Juan Manuel Marquez, said to be the second-best fighter pound-for-pound and, hopefully, set a showdown with retired American Floyd Mayweather Jr., who handed him the only loss of his career.

“I would like to finish the year off fighting Juan Manuel Marquez,” Hatton said in British news reports.

“He’s No. 2 in the pound-for-pound ratings and in doing that, and establishing myself as No. 1, I would like to think I would get a rematch with Floyd Mayweather.”

But Hatton admits it is too early to plan such fights as he faces the world’s current top fighter.

“Those three fights will see me to the end of my career, but I can’t look at Marquez or Mayweather yet as I’m fighting Pacquiao,” he said. Pacquiao had also earlier announced plans for his retirement and getting another shot at a government position.

Hatton, who has been fighting as a light welterweight for over a decade, is 14 lb. over the 140 lb.-limit, but will have enough time to make the cut with six weeks of training to go. After making the weight, he is again expected to balloon to his natural fighting weight on fight night.

“I’m now pretty much at the weight of 154 lb that I’ll be on the night,” he said.

“I think Freddie Roach (Pacquiao’s trainer) said in a couple of articles that ‘Ricky will be heavier, but he’ll lose his speed.’”

“For as long as I can remember, I have always got in the ring at 154 lb. I am 154 lb. now and I’m not exactly looking slow in training,” adding he is pleased with the rate he is going.

“It’s great being ahead of schedule,” added the Manchester fighter. “In being ahead of schedule in your weight, your timing, your sharpness, it gives you a little bit of luxury.”

Source: businessmirror.com.ph

Pacquiao gone in 30 seconds – Hatton

If Manny Pacquiao decides to bang at close range, the fight is going to be over in 30 seconds, boasted British bomber Ricky Hatton.

Hatton reacted to Pacquiao trainer Freddie Roach that the Filipino will make short work of him on May 2 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, telling the UK press as he prepares to leave for the US that the Hollywood-based cornerman could only be playing mind games.

“When Freddie Roach says Manny will beat me in three rounds -- naiad! That ain’t going to happen because he ain’t going to come looking for me,” said Hatton as quoted by Niall Hickman of the Daily Express.

Hickman co-wrote Hatton’s autobiography that was published in Sept. 2006 and he shared to the Bulletin some of the peppery quotes that he got during an interview with Hatton on Wednesday in Manchester.

“Freddie could be playing early mind games but I’m not arsed -- and I say that sincerely. I am not bothered at all. I wish Manny would come looking for me but if he does, the fight will only last 30 seconds. Please God he does come looking for me.”

Hatton also took time out to defend his choice of Floyd Mayweather Sr. as his new trainer and at the same time rekindled the bitter rivalry between his outspoken trainer and Roach.

“These are two of the very top coaches. Freddie Roach has said a few things that have upset Floyd -- like Manny Pacquiao is going to knock me out in three rounds. He was nothing short of disgusted by that. It got his back up a bit. This fight is about getting the tactics right and who is the better trainer,” said Hatton.

"I don't want to be disrespectful to Freddie Roach but it is clear from my fight against (Paul) Malignaggi (last year) when I was moving my head, jabbing better and making better angles without losing any of my ferocity, that I made the right choice. I have got a nice balance between combinations, power punching, slipping and dipping and moving my head. Then I go onto the big bag for power shots and more explosive stuff."

The word war steps up another notch next week when the two fighters--and of course their respective trainers--face off during a press conference in Los Angeles.

Source: mb.com.ph

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ricky Hatton bears Amir Khan no grudge over Manny Pacquiao link

Ricky Hatton has said he holds no animosity towards Amir Khan, who some have perceived as helping to plot his fellow Lancastrian's downfall by training with Manny Pacquiao.

Hatton also accused Pacquiao's coach, Freddie Roach, of playing mind games by talking up his fighters in the media.

Asked if he was upset with Khan, Hatton said: "On the contrary, I'm very proud of Amir for his last performance, against Marco Antonio Barrera."

Hatton is already trim and weighing 154lb, just a stone off the limit he will have to meet before he faces Pacquiao on May 2 at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas.

Hatton added: "Amir Khan is a close friend. And it will remain that way. I don't blame Amir for training and sparring with Manny because it is a good thing for him.
"But he is so far away from me as far as styles go that I don't see the point of what was said about Amir being used for speed as a sparring partner.
"It's the wrong kind of speed. Amir won't be pushing him back on the ropes, pressurising him and throwing power punches to the body. In fact, what is being said by Roach puts even more confidence in me.

"If Amir Khan can spar with Manny and better himself for it, that's OK with me – I can't blame him for that because he is looking after his own career."
Hatton, whose fans have already bought 5,000 tickets, also believes a sub-plot is developing between his trainer, Floyd Mayweather Snr, and Roach.
"These are two of the very top coaches," Hatton said. "Freddie and Floyd are considered the two best trainers in the world. Floyd will take it great if he can put one over on Freddie.
"Freddie Roach has said a few things that have upset Floyd – like Manny Pacquiao is going to knock me out in three rounds – and he was nothing short of disgusted by that. It got his back up a bit. This fight is about getting the tactics right and who is the better trainer.

"I don't want to be disrespectful to Freddie Roach but it is clear from my fight against Paulie Malignaggi when I was moving my head, jabbing better and making better angles without losing any of my ferocity, that I made the right choice of coach.
"Floyd is very good for me. I have got a nice balance between combinations, power punching, slipping and dipping and moving my head. Then I go on to the big bag for power shots and more explosive stuff. When you see all that, you know I have made the right decision."

Hatton believes Roach's tactic is to build his fighters up using the media, but the Mancunian is unfazed. "I hear a few things Freddie Roach is saying," Hatton said.
"Maybe it is all early mind games and he is trying to big up his fighter, confidence-wise. It doesn't matter what I read or what help Manny gets from Amir. Nothing can faze me. This is my fight."


Pacquiao and Antillon Begin Their Weekly Battles with a Bang

HOLLYWOOD - On the warmest Los Angeles day in recent memory, no place was hotter than the ring inside the Wild Card Boxing Club when consensus pound for pound king Manny Pacquiao and lightweight contender Urbano Antillon squared off in the first of what should be many memorable sparring sessions leading up to the Filipino icon’s upcoming May 2 bout with Ricky Hatton. Antillon, a blue chip contender out of Maywood, CA, looked raring to go, a ball of energy as he waited for the arrival of Pacquiao.

“We sparred 3 years ago, “Antillon told me beforehand. “But he’s gotten better and I think I have, too. I’m really looking forward to this.”

Antillon is a veteran of the excellent sparring that can be had in the hotbed of boxing that is Southern California boxing. Kevin Kelley, Edwin Valero (when the lightweight was just coming on the scene), and Manny Pacquiao are just a few of the many top-notch fighters he has given or gotten good work from over the years from the Wild Card o Maywood’s tough gym, to L.A. Boxing in it’s heyday.

“I was 16 and was fighting two-time champions,” says Antillon. “I like to think I gave as good as I got. I got beat up early on but as I kept going and got better, I held my own.”

Today would be no different.

Pacquiao entered the gym followed by his entourage and began to warm up with his strength and conditioning coach, Alex Ariza. Stretching with Ariza using both standard exercises and elastic tubing, Pacquiao seemed relaxed and business as usual. Antillon, who seemed a bit eager before Pacquiao arrived, got right to work, wrapping his hands and jumping in the ring for some shadowboxing. Last week, Jorge Linares was here as Pacquiao’s sparring partner as Antillon was recovering from being sick. Seemingly to most to be the antithesis of Ricky Hatton, a slick junior lightweight champion now moving up to lightweight, Linares is an orthodox fighter who prefers boxing and trickery to stalking and pressuring. Antillon is just what the doctor ordered to prepare for Hatton. A hard-hitting, intelligent pressure fighter who can fight from either stance and in possession of a solid chin, Antillon, who is ranked #2 in the WBO, #3 WBA and #3 in the WBC, is no sparring partner. He is a man on the verge of getting a crack at the cream of the junior lightweight and lightweight division.

“We figure that if Manny can look sharp against a sharp fighter like [Linares], he can look sharp against anyone in the world,” said Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach. “Good work is good work. I don’t care what style it is. Linares makes Manny think and not many fighters can do that. Ricky Hatton is very basic. Linares is a thinker and it rises the level of [Pacquiao’s game].”

“[Antillon] is more of a Ricky Hatton type of style than Linares,” Roach would say before the session began. “He’ll be back next week. Manny is doing well. He’s sharp. He’s boxing really well. We’ve got the game plan all worked out and I’m really happy with where he is at.”

Pacquiao, as of last Saturday, was 147 pounds, right on weight.

Hatton, who is a straight forward, mauling type of fighter has recently employed Floyd Mayweather, Sr as his lead trainer. It was a move that proved successful in their first fight together against Paulie Malignaggi. Roach however, doesn’t think Mayweather, Sr. can help the veteran fighter much this late in his career.

“I mean, he can tell him some poems,” Roach says with a wry smile. “That’s all [Mayweather, Sr.] is good at that I know of. He’s going to try and make him a better boxer but obviously it’s hard to make change someone at this late stage of their career. I’ve been with Manny eight years and I’ve never tried to change him. Just improved on what we do. And so Ricky Hatton and Floyd are like black and white. Their styles are totally different. I think the best way for Ricky Hatton to fight this fight to fight like he does. If he tries to box Manny, he’ll get killed.”

Not one to shy away from a prediction, Roach is quick and adamant in his reply when asked for one.

“We’re going to knock him out in three rounds,” Roach says in all confidence. “I told Manny that if it goes past three rounds, I’d be mad at him.”

With both fighters warm and ready, the room’s cell phones turned off, and the door to the gym locked for good measure, it was time to get it on. Before the first bell sounded for their six round session, an eerie silence fell over the room. Sessions like this are a rare pleasure. A feeling that we were all in for a treat permeated the air. There was electricity in the air as the bell for round one sounded.

Antillon immediately began stalking Pacquiao who danced with his back against the ropes, matching his opponent jab for jab as both men got comfortable and found their range. The man from Maywood dug in with body shots immediately and Pacquiao popped his jab and escaped the ropes. The action moved center ring as Pacquiao turned Antillon and popped his jab in rapid succession. He tried working his lead left but Antillon, with a high and tight guard picked off his jabs and pressed forward, getting in a sneaky lead right to the head and body. Pacquiao was having none of that as he opened up with a flurry of lead lefts and a right hand to head and body of his own. Antillon came back with a body attack as Manny backed off and lay against the ropes. Antillon go t in some solid shots. A hard right and a left to the body thudded through the room. Pacquiao again spun out and popped the jab as the bell sounded. A close, even round.

Round two saw Pacquiao moving smoothly along the edges of the ring with Antillon not far behind him digging in a body shot. Pacquaio worked his elusive defense, slipping shots, moving his head side to side and using fancy footwork to get out of range. Pacquiao would spin Antillon, the first of a new, aggressive tactic, grabbing his hips and moving him into place as he dug shots to the body before snapping a left upstairs before his opponent could get set. Antillon pressed forward at center, shooting to Pacquiao’s ribs. But what sounded and looked like a good shot, only spurred Pacquaio on.

“More” he implored. And Antillon obliged as Pacquiao guarded his head and took some brutal body shots.

“More,” Pacquiao repeated and again took a body blow in reply.

At this, Pacquaio was on the move again, ripping body shots of his own in a blur. He even managed a double hook with each hand to the head of Antillon who walked straight ahead into the punches but took them well. Again, the spin move catches Antillon along the ribs as round two came to a close.

Antillon opened up with a brutal uppercut to start the third. Pacquaio took it well and worked hard behind the jab, jab, and more jab. Pacquiao moved along the ropes and as he spun out against an advancing Antillon, he stumbled and fell to the canvas.

He would rise quickly and take an uppercut for his trouble along with a follow up right hand as he moved to the ropes once again. Antillon continued sneaking in his lead right with vicious aplomb but Pacquiao, who seems to relish preparing his body for punishment in this manner, took it very well. A body shot from Antillon only got Pacquaio talking again.

“I like the body shot,” Pacquiao exclaimed behind his guard. “Go! C’mon,” he implored.

Pacquaio would get in a low blow during the follow up exchange but both would touch gloves and continue to work. At the thirty-second mark, Antillon opened up and Pacquaio urged him on again as they traded to the bell.

The fourth round started to look more and more like a Hatton fight as both men tied up quickly and wrestled from center ring to the ropes. Pacquaio trapped Antillon’s left arm but the Maywood native got going with his right hand. Pacquaio worked tight right hooks in answer. The action was getting even hotter. Antillon shot a hard right hand and Pacquaio went to the body. Pacquaio seemed to be bullying a bit, imposing his size. A new move he implored was similar to a Tito Trinidad’s shoulder move. As Antillon got in close, Pacquiao turned to the side and crooked his arm and pushed off with it, giving him distance to work in close as his opponent was off balance. But Antillon is game as hell as he pressed forward and went back to the body. Both guys started really letting them go now. But Pacquaio seemed to be getting the best of it, shouldering Antillon off and throwing and landing punches in bunches. At the thirty-second mark, Pacman again commanded, “Go! Go!” to Antillon but the young warrior didn’t respond this time, biding his time and then getting in a right hand that got an “Oooh” from someone at ringside. Antillon opened up and just before the bell landed a right, two body shots from either side and another left and right up top. Nice round.

After the fourth, it was decided that more rounds were needed and so and fifth began and Pacquaio takes a right from Antillon. Pacquaio tries a double right jab but Antillon shoots his lead right in over the top. A left-right to the head and a left-right to the body lands for Antillon as Pacquaio is on the ropes. This only incenses Manny and he opens fire with a brutal assault of lefts rights and too many shots to count to the head and body. He seems to take over at will and Antillon, who holds steady, is unable to get his offense going as he catches and waits to shoot back. It’s Antillon on the ropes now as Manny lends left after left and then backs off, commanding “Go! I like the body! Go!” Antillon obliges and lets loose to the body but seems a bit weary from the storm that just passed and eats a right hook to the end the round.

Pacquaio started the final round with left right left right to the head and body and then gets in the double punch again as Antillon comes forward. Antillon presses Pacquaio to the ropes again but this time, Manny uses his yardstick (a right hand held straight out) to keep him at bay and keep distance. Pacquaio traps his arm and uses his other to work as they tie up in close. A rough exchange ensues, as Antillon gets loose and tears into Pacquaio with left, right, left right to the head. It’s phone booth action with both men taking and giving with equal measure. The action moved center ring and Pacquiao takes over at range with his right jab-left hand. They both exploded down the stretch and trade all the way to the bell, leaving everything in the ring. Applause broke out as the final bell sounded.

Antillon laughed and joked with Manny afterward, saying he was owed the standing offer of $1,000 for the “knockdown” in the second round. Manny laughed good-naturedly.

It was everything it had been billed as and as the first of several more in the weeks leading up May 2; it set the bar extremely high. Following the session, both men continued their workouts side by side, laughing and joking in the breaks. The camaraderie of the day’s battle already growing and the knowledge that this was the first of many more to come pushing them forward.

Source: maxboxing.com

Ricky Hatton warns Manny Pacquiao that Amir Khan sparring is a waste of time

Ricky Hatton claims Manny Pacquiao is playing into his hands by sparring with Amir Khan.

World pound-for-pound king Pacquiao is jetting Khan over to his Los Angeles gym next month to help him prepare for his May 2 showdown with Hatton in Las Vegas.

The Hitman says the Filipino is wasting his time because he will learn nothing about how to tackle him from sparring with stablemate Khan.

Hatton's style is different to Khan's and he loves to work on the inside, delivering his rib-cracking body punches, while the Athens silver medallist is better on the outside with his longer reach.

"I've read all the headlines about Amir plotting my downfall, but I don't blame him for training with Manny because it's a good thing for him and his career," said the light-welterweight star.

"I'm not bothered about it at all.

"Amir is so far away from me as far as styles go that I don't see the point of it. In fact, it puts even more confidence in me. Pacquiao says he's using Amir for speed, but it will be the wrong kind of speed.

"Amir's four inches taller than me and he won't be pushing Pacquiao back on the ropes, pressurising him and throwing power punches to the body like I do." Hatton feels this is just another attempt by the Pacman's and Khan's trainer Freddie Roach to unsettle him and says the mind games will not work.

Roach has already tried to rattle the Mancunian by claiming he would have been better off coming to him rather than rival trainer Floyd Mayweather Senior and that Pacquiao will beat him in three rounds. "After just a few weeks with Amir Khan, Freddie came out and said Amir would beat me," said Hatton.

"Now he's saying Manny will beat me in three rounds. Maybe it's all early mind games and he is trying to big-up his fighter, confidence wise. I know Floyd was disgusted by what he said and was upset by it. But I'm not bothered at all because I'm so confident that I will win this fight." Hatton, 30, claims he has never been in such good shape seven weeks out from a bout as he spoke yesterday at his training base at the Village Hotel in Ashton-under-Lyne.

He has morphed from the take-away-loving Ricky Fatton into the pocket battleship that is Ricky Hatton and is already under the 11-stone mark. He flies out to Mayweather's Vegas gym on Sunday for the bulk of his sparring and says he will hit a new peak against Pacquiao when they clash at light - welterweight, live on Sky Box Office.

Mayweather and Hatton have become so close, the legendary trainer even says he would train the Hitman if he ever landed a rematch with his son, Floyd Junior.

"I know Floyd and his son are back talking and there has been all the talk about a rematch between us, which I'd love," Hatton said. "Floyd has said that if Junior does come out of retirement to fight me: 'I'll train Ricky Hatton'.

"That says a lot about how close we are now, even if I do think his suits are shocking!"

Source: mirror.co.uk

Ricky's revenge mission

RICKY Hatton is lining up a revenge match with rival Floyd Mayweather Junior at Wembley Stadium next summer.

Contact has already been made between the US promoters Golden Boy and Mayweather's agent Leonard Ellerbe.

And if Hatton can beat Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas on May 2, it will set up a rematch with the only man to have beaten him as a professional. And next time, if he has wrested the pound-for-pound world title from Pacquiao, Hatton would insist on home advantage - and that the fight be at his favoured light-welterweight rather than at the welterweight limit at which he tasted defeat.

And in a shock turnaround, Hatton's trainer Floyd senior says he WOULD work the Hitman's corner, even against his own son.

There are obstacles to overcome before serious planning can begin.

Hatton must first beat Pacquiao, while Mayweather faces a possible clash with Juan Manuel Marquez. But Hatton Promotions chief executive Gareth Williams confirmed that the wheels are already in motion.


"It is still not official that Floyd is out of retirement yet, but Ricky has made it plain it is a fight he would love," said Williams. "I speak to Richard Schaeffer on a weekly basis, and he has already been in touch with Mayweather's people about this.

"This time we would want to look at the weight the fight was made at, because Ricky has made it clear that he sees himself as a 140-pound fighter.

"He has also made it plain that he wants it in front of a large crowd at a big venue in the UK. When Ricky beats Pacquiao he will rightly lay claim to being the best fighter in the world, which puts him in a very good bargaining position."

Mayweather senior has told Hatton before that he would not work the corner against his son, but has changed his mind.

"If Ricky fights my son I will be in Ricky's corner," he said. "The fight will be different if they meet again, because Ricky is a much better fighter."

Source: manchestereveningnews.co.uk


Ricky Hatton plans to blow away Manny Pacquiao, the world's best pound-for-pound fighter, with an all-out attack when the pair meet in Las Vegas on May 2.

Hatton will fight the Filipino light-welterweight a year and a half after losing to Floyd Mayweather Jr at the same MGM Grand venue.

Both are aggressive fighters but Hatton is ready to unleash an early onslaught which he believes Pacquiao will be unable to cope with.

"Attack, attack and attack again. If you beat the pound-for-pound number one that is a statement," was the Mancunian's response when asked about his game plan.

"We are both very aggressive and both like to go forward but ultimately my size and power will be a factor.

"But it is not just a power thing, I'm working on my speed. I think they see me as a slow fighter and they will get a shock on the night just how fast I can be.

"I'll be keeping the same ferocity I have always had and when he feels my strength I don't think Manny will stand about.

"I think he will think he can out-box me like he did against Oscar De La Hoya (last year).

"He might come and have a go early on but with the greatest respect I don't think it would have been hard to out-box Oscar that night.

"If Manny thinks he can do the same to me I think he will come unstuck."

Hatton is delighted with the way his training has gone under Floyd Mayweather Sr and believes he is in much better shape than he was when he beat Paulie Malignaggi in November.

That was his first fight under the guidance of Mayweather, the father of the only man to beat Hatton in 46 contests.

"We are only halfway through the training camp, there are six weeks to go and I think a lot of fighters would be happy with my speed, sharpness and timing come fight night," added the 30-year-old Hatton.

"I'm happy with the stage I am at but I just know my boxing ability, combination punches, jabbing and head movement is going to get so much better.

"I have a nice balance now and the fight can't come quick enough."

Pacquiao has enlisted the services of Bolton's 2004 Olympic silver medallist Amir Khan as a sparring partner but Hatton dismissed the usefulness of that exercise.

Khan recently beat Marco Antonio Barrera but Hatton said the 22-year-old's style was too different to his.

"Amir has to think of his own career and if sparring with Manny improves him that is a good thing," said Hatton.

"But I will be putting pressure on Pacquiao and backing him to the ropes. Amir will be using his speed to move away.

"He (Pacquiao) is not fighting someone who is going to move away. Style-wise we are two completely different fighters and I can't see how that is going to benefit Manny in the slightest.

"I don't think that Amir, as fast as he is, is a good sparring partner."

Source: sportinglife.com

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Will Pacquiao be the man to shatter Hatton's lofty ambitions ?

You have to admire the cojones shown by Ricky Hatton - he really is a warrior. Thirty years old, 46 fights - the last ten of them real battles - an estimated 20 million pounds in the bank, the love of his fellow Mancunians, and yet - he still fancies a crack at the three boxers on the planet rated 1, 2 and three in the pound for pound list.

Some appetite for the fray.

He faces the first of them - Manny Pacquiao - on May 2 in Las Vegas, and if successful, for which many believe there is a growing body of support, Hatton intends then to go after Juan Manuel Marquez, who can think, fight, box and brawl at the same time, and then Hatton's nemesis in 2007, Floyd Mayweather Jnr.

If it comes off, with one of those two fights at Wembley in front of 100,000 spectators, Hatton will have earned more than any other British fighter in history, including Lennox Lewis, who earned an estimated 40 million pounds from his fistic career dominating the heavyweight division.

Those two fights with Marquez and Mayweather Jnr could earn Hatton - along with the Pacquiao deal - an estimated £50 million. But he must first prove successful against Pacquiao, which I believe will be an extremely tough assignment, unless Hatton can make his power shots tell.

There is something about the assuredness of Freddie Roach in advance of this contest which is a tad worrying. Roach appears to have an inner confidence about the moment when the two men exchange in the square ring.

I'm on my way to Hatton's training camp at Ashton Under Lyme in Manchester, where the boxer will host the British media before he prepares to undergo final training in Las Vegas. I'm intrigued to see his workout and whether he is now down to 152-156 lbs...

Source: telegraph.co.uk

Predicting Pacquiao vs Hatton Based on Previous Opponents

It’s a given that the upcoming Pacquiao versus Hatton match will give the fans their money’s worth. With both fighters looking to knock each other out, we are all assured of nonstop action from the first round.

Predicting the outcome of this fight is harder than it seems. Both fighters have distinct advantages that may give them the edge come fight night. Pacquiao has a definite edge in speed and overall boxing skills, but Hatton has the advantage in power, being the naturally bigger guy.

However, there are lots of factors that may nullify their respective advantages. Hatton may be successful in roughhousing Pacquiao on the inside and land body punches, hence, successfully negating the Pacman’s speed advantage. On the other hand, the Filipino southpaw may box superbly well and make the Briton miss—what good will punching power do if it can’t land.

So to make a more definite prediction, we will analyze the most probable outcome based on their respective last three opponents.

Ricky Hatton vs. Flyod Mayweather Jr.

In this fight, although Hatton was relatively successful in the early rounds, Mayweather simply outclassed and outboxed him. While Mayweather was able to ride out the storm and figured out Hatton’s style, the Briton failed to adjust his own tactic against his opponent. He did not make the necessary adjustments as the fight progressed. He only had plan A in that fight and never bothered with a plan B.

On that night, if Hatton were fighting Pacquiao, my speculation is that he may have been more successful as the Filipino is not really a defensive specialist—although Manny has improved much in this department.

However, please note that Manny has the speed and the power to ride out the tough moments in any big fight. Based on Hatton’s performance against Mayweather, if that was Pacquiao, I believe the Filipino’s speed and power may eventually outperform Hatton’s. (Pacquiao by unanimous decision)

Ricky Hatton vs. Juan Lazcano

In this fight, Hatton did well in boxing Lazcano and in dictating the tempo. However, if it was Pacquiao he was facing, he won’t be able to dictate the tempo by outboxing a much-quicker fighter. And given that he was wobbled in that fight does not fare well for the Briton. If it was Pacquiao, it could have been bad. (Pacquiao by knock out)

Ricky Hatton vs. Paul Malignaggi

It’s hard to put this fight in a Pacquiao-Hatton perspective because Malignaggi absolutely has no power with only 5 KOs in 25 wins. It was obvious from round 1 that the Hitman does not respect, at all, the power of the Magic Man. Hence, it’s hard to gauge this fight from a Pacquiao standpoint.

But Malignaggi is a tough fighter nonetheless, and he is the same fighter who stood his ground against the very powerful Miguel Cotto.

If at all, this is a good workout for Hatton in case Manny decides to box for 12 rounds in their upcoming fight (which I highly doubt)

So if it was Manny he was facing, would Hatton’s game plan in this fight be successful? The answer is—probably. But as I said earlier, this fight is not a good measure for his upcoming match against the tornado from the Philippines.


If there is a fight in Hatton’s resume that he should study on, it is his gallant but futile performance against the former pound-for-pound number 1 Floyd Mayweather. And why not, Manny and Money have the same basic strengths—speed, power, and punch accuracy. Of course their respective approach to boxing are totally different, but the things that matter are the same.

The problem with Hatton in his fight with Mayweather was that he failed to adjust as the fight went on. He was initially successful with brawling but continued to do the same thing round in, round out. He should have adjusted his style while Money May was slowly catching up to his style.

If he does that to Pacquiao, he will meet the same fate. But if he gets smart and switches styles—boxing, brawling, etc.—round in, round out, he may be able to pull it off.

Don’t miss part 2 coming soon.

Source: 8countnews.com

Monday, March 23, 2009

Pacquiao in Training Pictures

Source: ringtv.com

Ricky Hatton targets £50m fight treble

Ricky Hatton is targeting the most ambitious treble possible to end his career.

t could earn him an estimated £50 million should he prove successful against Manny Pacquiao at the MGM Grand on May 2 in Las Vegas.

Victory over Pacquiao, the world No 1 pound-for-pound boxer, would set up the prospect of contests against Juan Manuel Marquez and a Floyd Mayweather Jnr rematch.

Hatton, who hosts the media in Manchester today on the final open day of his training camp ahead of his departure for preparation in Las Vegas, said: “Down the line, later this year, I’d like to fight Marquez, and next summer meet Floyd at Wembley Stadium.”
Indeed, the rumour mill says Mayweather is already back in the gym in Las Vegas.
Both fights could earn Hatton in the region of £20 million each as the 30-year-old nears the end of his time as a boxer and begins his career as a promoter.
Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, at the Wild Card Gym of Freddie Roach, Pacquiao has been dismantling his training partners. And Roach was also pulling no punches this week. “We’re going after [Hatton’s] chin. That’s the money shot. Ricky will be vulnerable to it.”
Roach developed a strategy for Pacquiao last December which involved his boxer attacking Oscar De La Hoya’s body. His target in this fight will be shots to Hatton’s head, perceived by Roach as the Briton’s main weakness.

Olympic bronze medallist David Price debuts on the undercard of 'Hayemaker 6: The Mersey Beatdown’ on Saturday at Liverpool’s Echo Arena against David Ingleby.

Price has sent out a warning to rival Tyson Fury. Price, who defeated Fury 22-8 in the unpaid ranks, said: “He’s [Fury had three professional fights and is already talking as if he’s won three world titles.”

Sorry, Manny Pacquiao can’t go home again

THE biggest tragedy for us poor Pinoys was how Manny Pacquiao, our Great Brown Hope, suffered his biggest defeat last week.

Pacquiao did not fall inside the boxing ring.

No, he was never cut and bloodied.

In fact, Pacquiao did not lose to an opponent.

He fell a victim of himself.


That’s never easy to explain.

But, after winning the toughest, most harrowing battles in his boxing career, Pacquiao balked.

He failed what was basically a routine scrutiny.

He failed a crucial test of character.


So what would you have done if you were in Pacquiao’s place?

Nick Bruan, the lean, dusky overworked daily wage-earner who was greatly shaken by Pacquiao’s misdemeanor, swore he would’ve readily stood his ground.

It’s like this: Pacquiao, who has earned more than what he could’ve dreamed of, was left to chose: Honor a multimillion deal or gain countless more millions by rescinding it.

He agreed to dishonor his live pact with Solar Sports.

He also readily exposed his cheap, shallow nature.


For starters, we all knew Pacquiao, easily the finest boxer in the world today, could also bid to become the greatest Filipino of our time.

After all, he has earned worldwide nod with his athletic achievements, coupled by the nobility he has displayed in his career.

There were, in fact, those who would openly claim that, more than tiny Jojo Binay, Pacquiao should be our next president.


How Pacquiao squandered his hard-earned greatness is the greatest tragedy of our time.

Pacquiao figured in a self-inflicted disaster that shattered the hopes and spirits of those who had blindly worshipped him.

Worse, Pacquiao may never be able to go home again!

Not in his palatial mansion, in his birthplace General Santos City.

He just won’t be as hot, honorable and heroic again in the hearts of the countless believers whom he took down with him in his mindless fall.


The sadder chapter of this ongoing tragedy was how Pacquiao had initially brushed off the fraud as a slip of the tongue.

Of course, this great warrior dubbed as the Pacific Storm, did not only trip on his slippers.

As the greatest advertisement of himself and his countrymen, the Pacman has also succeeded in presenting a cheap, slurping image of the Filipino to the world.


“Manny is ill-advised, but time will come when he would return to his proper senses,” says Col. Pat Piñol, boxing fan and scholar, from his base in North Cotabato.

Adds Col. Piñol: “Everybody commits mistakes, but Pacquiao committed a mistake with an ulterior motive.”

The tested police officer says his admiration of Pacquiao has been totally shattered by the Pacman’s latest display of incredible selfishness.

Col. Pat was unsure if he would be able to welcome Pacquiao if the world boxing icon visits Kidapawan again.

Source: inquirer.net