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Monday, May 4, 2009

Beard: Hatton 'too excited'

Assistant trainer Lee Beard admitted Ricky Hatton left the gameplan in the dressing room before being knocked out by Manny Pacquiao in the second round of their fight in Las Vegas.

Speaking at the post-fight press conference with Hatton making his way to hospital for scans, Beard said that Hatton - who had promised a new-look style under the guidance of Floyd Mayweather Snr - turned the fight into brawl just like the old days.

"He just seemed to get over excited," Beard said. "He started off, he just got too excited and it just turned into a bit of a brawl basically.

"Manny was brilliant on the night as well but it wasn't that tactical.

"Both of them just stood there swinging. There wasn't any time for pivoting or feinting, they just kept swinging at each other.

"Manny caught him up inside and had quick hands up in the middle of Ricky and hurt Ricky a couple of times in the first round.

"Then in the second round Ricky walked onto the punch that counted. That punch would have knocked anyone down, it was that good."
For the fans

Beard reiterated that any decision on Hatton's future would have to be made by the fighter and no-one else.

"He's made a stack of money. He mentioned the fans and it really hurts him because he fights for the fans," he added.

"They came out in their thousands again for him and I think that affects him mentally, it hurts him.

"But it's all about what he wants to do, don't carry on fighting for the fans. You've got to think of your health as well.

"He got caught with some big shots in there and maybe if it had gone six or eight rounds there would have been more wear and tear. But he got caught early, it was only the second round and he got hurt a few times before then."

And Beard denied there was any rift with Mayweather Snr prior to the fight, adding: "Me and Floyd were laughing and joking beforehand - there's no problems at all.

"There have been rumours to stir up the camp, but there's no problems between me and him.

"Ricky drifted from the game plan - he turned it into a brawl and got caught."

Source: skysports.com


Anonymous said...

beard is only saying that because they lost the fight, c'mon you have to admit pacquiao is that good! he made hatton sleep for a few minutes in the ring he almost asked for a pillow and blanket. if pacman wasn't that good then why does he have 6 titles (and counting). why don't you fight manny if you think he's not that goo!

P4Pfighter said...

Maybe its not tactical fight for RH but NOT for MP, They watch all RH videos,he tends to cock his left as he went to throw it, a sign for MP to unleash his right hook(Manila Ice) with great timing,accuracy & POWER. That was the punch that gave RH the 1st Knockdown of the fight.

Anonymous said...

Beard is a sour grape. He refuses to acknowledge that a little Asian whipped the ass of his whitey boy toy.

JOSE RIZAL said...

I agree, he is still in stage of denial. I hope that he is RH so that he personally experienced the speed and power punch of PACMAN. For sure he will go straight to the funeral home not in the hospital. This is the reason why i don't blame some extremist to get mad and obsessed in destroying your country, because of your attitude. Most of you are arrogant and proud. Why don't you accept that there are also other people who is greater than white people. I hope that Manny will have more chance to whoop white ass, Biatch!