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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Pacquiao Blows Out Hatton In Two

It was two rounds of brutal action and a two round blowout for Filipino sensation Manny “The Pacman” Pacquiao as he walked through, around, and all over Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton (45-2 with 32 KOs). It was a crowning achievement for Pacquiao who became the first man to beat Hatton, until tonight the linear 140 lb champion, at that weight. The cherry on top? He did it easier and much quicker than Floyd Mayweather, Jr who has now returned to the game and is hoping to take on tonight’s winner. After seeing this performance, he may think twice about that.

Nothing is like a big fight in Vegas between tow seemingly evenly matched fighters and tonight was no different as the star rolled out in droves and the room was filled to the brim with Brits and Pinoys all cheering their man on and shaking the MGM Grand Garden Arena from the floor to the rafters.

Hatton came out to the ring first, looking serious and focused. The crowd went wild as he made his way to the ring. As he waited for the action to begin, Hatton began hitting his head with his own gloves and jumping up and down. Those seemed to be the only shots he landed tonight.

Pacquiao came out relaxed and smiling, taking in the crowd. Hatton’s fans went wild for their guy but Pacquiao’s fans took the volume to a whole other level. The roof about came off and my ears were ringing as Michael Buffer made his pre-fight introductions. As he got to his trademark line “the crowd joined him to say “LET’S GET READY TO RUUUUUUMBLLLLLLEEE!!!!!”

Both men looked ready and in shape, stretching, bouncing, and getting ready for that first bell. When it rang, both men came to center and the action was on. Hatton got his jab going but followed it with two clinches within the first 30 seconds.

Pacquiao stayed patient, timing Hatton and looking to land his shot. And he did with a right hook that caught Hatton flush and making him clinch again. Hatton worked in the clinch to the body and head. After the break, Hatton dug to the body but Pacquiao came right back with a jab, jab, left hand . A lead left caught Hatton and seemed to hurt Hatton who clinched again. Pacquiao came back with a right hook after that and began to open up as Hatton backed off. A searing right hook caught Hatton moments later and dropped him hard to the canvas. Hurt but full of heart, Hatton rose and Pacquiao went back to work. The crowd was deafening as Pacquiao landed shot after shot, looking to end things early. Pacquiao was landing it all as a one two from Pacquiao broke Hatton’s guard and dropped him again.

It was pure mayhem in the arena as even press row jumped to their feet at what they were seeing. Hatton rose slower this time and was clearly very hurt but still game as they traded to the bell.

In the second, Pacquiao came out aggressive but boxing patient and smart, gauging his foe and poking and prodding to see if a finish was there for the taking. Hatton attempted to bore in close the gap but Pacquiao’s educated feet and sharp jab kept him at bay. Time and again, Pacquiao would catch Hatton coming in wide open and it seemed a matter of time before the end. It would come quickly as Pacquiao seemingly opened up every punch in the arsenal. Left leads, quick right hooks off a step left move that he worked on in the gym. Hatton got in a right hand but the offense was all Pacquiao as he landed jab, left, jab, left and then again followed by a right hook that shook Hatton to his toes. Pacquiao landed two lead lefts as he got Hatton in the corner but the Manchester fighter circled out to center ring and the end of the fight as Pacquiao, stepping to his left dropped a bone chilling left hook that dropped Hatton on his back. He seemingly was out before he hit the ground. Referee Kenny Bayless stepped in, looked Hatton over and waved it off at 2:59 of the second. Easily knockout of the year and one of the most brutal and beautiful KO’s in memory period.

Afterward, a humble Pacquiao would say, “I mean, I am surprised that it was that easy, but the fighter fights hard. He is strong and has a lead hand. Our strategy was one punch: the left hook. Right hook. That was going to be key to this fight. In the first round, I expected my right hook was going to be dangerous for him. He was coming wide open and his hands were down.”

As for the future of the pound for pound king, “I can fight anybody. M promoters will handle that. I am just doing my job and training.”

Pacquiao’s trainer, Freddie Roach said “Everytime [Hatton] throws that hook and cocks it, he is wide open for a right hook from the southpaw stance. We worked on that in the gym every day and it worked beautifully. The winner of Marquez/Mayweather is a possibility. I think it would be great.”

Source: maxboxing.com


Anonymous said...

He is a PERFECT boxer. Godly, Patriotic, Discipline and humble. He is indeed a history. GO PACMAN!

- Seth

Anonymous said...

Long Live the Pacman!!! my idol and hero!!! WE are very PROUD of You! Your humbleness in times of greatness is just as great! Go Pacman Go!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Manny! We are proud of you! You are such a good fighter indeed a humble person as well!