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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ricky Hatton v Manny Pacquiao: How the fight unfolded

Round One
Hatton starts well for the first 30 seconds, stays outside, moving well (and keeping to the game plan) as Pacquiao appears to start slowly. Then Pacquiao launches an assault catching Hatton flush with a straight left hand. Then a right hook. Then he launches an all-out assault, twice sending Hatton to the canvas. The final minute of the round is torrid for the Mancunian, a rapid right hook as Pacquiao moved to his left catching Hatton on the chin sending him to the canvas. Hatton takes the count from referee Kenny Bayliss on one knee, rises, but is soon in trouble again, as a straight left floors him in front of his corner.
10-7 Pacquiao

Round Two
Hatton looks composed, remarkably, at the start of the second stanza, beginning it with some success, knocking Pacquiao back, but is then warned by Bayliss not to hold and hit. Hatton lands with a left hook, and looks to be getting back into the contest but as the round ends Pacquiao enacts a punch of clinical brutality, felling Hatton flat onto his back, crumpling under a left hook which leaves him glazed and motionless. Hatton looked out before he landed on his back on the ground.

"I did not count," said Bayliss. "I called the fight over because Ricky was glazed in his eyes and was showing no motion to get back up." Promoter Bob Arum says immediately at ringside that Pacquiao can "go on to become the greatest pound for pound fighter of all time". Hatton is on the canvas motionless for three minutes, and walks out of the arena. He is immediately taken to hospital "on precautionary grounds".

Source: telegraph.co.uk


Anonymous said...

Indeed pacquiao is the greatest boxer ever produced in the history of boxing. he is very down to earth an humble, never there was a time I heard him saying bad or insulting to his opponents in his previous bouts, good thing about being humble makes his adored and loved by his fans and in case ho loose, boxing enthusiast would never lough at him because of his very humble and god fearing fighter!
Congratulations MANNY

Anonymous said...

I mean "good thing about being humble makes HIM adored and loved by his fans and in case HE loose,
boxing enthusiast would never lough at him because HE IS very humble and God fearing fighter!

Anonymous said...

i want mayweather vs pacquiao,
lets see who is the best fighter on the ring w/ a bunch of speed, and strength, Ill bet for pacman, he needs to pawn that noisy sissy brat ahaha.